Former GTA boss reveals new open-world sci-fi game, MindsEye

Former GTA boss reveals new open-world sci-fi game, MindsEye
Images: Build a Rocket Boy

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Joseph Kime


23rd Mar 2023 14:31

Fans have been confused by exactly what Everywhere is. And it turns out Everywhere is everything. Let us explain.

Build a Rocket Boy, the new studio fronted by former GTA boss Leslie Benzies, promises that their new experience Everywhere is something of a sandbox platform that allows for the creation of brand-new games, experiences and digital toys developed by both lead developers and new players, sort of like Fortnite creative amped up to 11.

It's a confusing concept that not everyone really understands, but it has so far become the benchmark for the studio, especially as the promises that they've made are pretty lofty.

But now it looks like there's even more in store from the team.

Build a Rocket Boy reveals MindsEye

Our minds aren't fully recovered from the Everywhere reveal, but Build a Rocket Boy aren't slowing down, as they've revealed a new game that looks to further prove their worth as a development team.

The new game, which has truly leapt out of the blue, is called MindsEye, and its new teaser trailer looks as though it mirrors the open-world stylings of GTA, but comes packed with a fascinating narrative that focuses on a chip that has been implanted into our main protagonist. Get ready for some heavy-duty AI metaphors.

MindsEye looks to be a part of Everywhere

Adding to the confusion of what Everywhere actually is, it looks as though MindsEye will be a part of Everywhere itself, with the teaser trailer closing out with a link to the sandbox's website.

If this means that the new game is legitimately inside of Everywhere, then this new look at the title implies the power of Everywhere itself, and it indicates that there could be some truly incredible experiences as a part of the platform.

While we're still baffled as to what all of these puzzle pieces come together to make, something is certainly happening - and we're more curious than ever to learn more.

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