Fan-made open-world Mandalorian video game goes viral

Fan-made open-world Mandalorian video game goes viral
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19th Jul 2023 11:04

To quote "The Client" in Disney's The Mandalorian, "Bounty hunting is a complicated profession." We've come a long way from the stoic Boba Fett uttering just four lines in the original Star Wars trilogy and somehow becoming a legend of the galaxy far, far away.

These days, it's not just the bulging ranks of bounty hunters like Cad Bane and Bossk giving Boba a run for his money, with Din Djarin proving to be a shiny addition to the franchise. Chrome Dome has been winning a legion of fans since The Mandalorian debuted in 2019, and yet, we're still asking, "Where is our Mandalorian game?"

Open-world The Mandalorian game looks incredible 

There are a tonne of Star Wars games out there, with more arriving by the day. And still, we're yet to see Grogu munch frogs while Din Djarin stoically mumbles, "This is the way." Taking matters into their own hands, @GavMakesGames has shown off their own impressive idea for a Mando outing.

Titled The Mandalorian: Way of the Warrior, we get some serious Star Wars Jedi: Survivor vibes. Seemingly given Mando free rein to explore the scorched deserts and lush forests of the cosmos, we can imagine jumping behind the controls of his N-1 Starfighter with a babbling Grogu by his side.

It's the work of DICE UI Technical Designer Gavin Marshall, who has shown off his concept for a Mandalorian video game, boasting an impressive start menu that will smoothly transition into gameplay via hyperspace. We also see a settings menu and a beautiful-looking HUD. Sadly, that's all it is...a concept.

Could there be a Mandalorian video game?

Grogu and Peli Motto The Mandalorian
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Marshall's work reminds us of when TeaserPlay created an ambitious Unreal Engine 5 rendering of a mythical Mandalorian video game. Every time one of these goes viral, it has us questioning why Lucasfilm isn't jumping on the bandwagon and just announcing one. 

Buzz for a Mandalorian video game is everywhere, and while we've heard plenty of rumours - and even seen supposed gameplay - it's all turned out to be fakes more sinister than Palpatine himself. Insiders claimed a title was in development, and yet, nothing has come of it.

There's plenty of interest in a Mandalorian video game, with God of War's Cory Barlog throwing his hat into the ring. For now, we're left with the likes of Respawn's Jedi games and Ubisoft Massive's Star Wars Outlaws to scratch that Star Wars itch. As for the idea that we'll one day get a Mando game, "I like those odds." 

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