Star Wars fans are worried about rumoured Knights of the Old Republic TV series

Star Wars fans are worried about rumoured Knights of the Old Republic TV series
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22nd May 2024 16:32

Say what you want about the output of Star Wars shows and movies since Disney took the reins of the galaxy far, far away in 2012, but we've had some bangers. While the sequel trilogy has haters and uberfans in equal measure, shows like The Mandalorian and Andor have paved the way for a whole new fandom.

As proposed movies from the likes of Taika Waititi and Patty Jenkins are culled akin to Order 66, Disney+ seems to be our 'only hope' for now. We know there's a supposed Rey sequel movie, but in the meantime, we've got our eyes on upcoming series, including The Acolyte and Skeleton Crew.

Among all the shows and movies, there's also been a resurgence in video games thanks to Respawn Entertainment's Jedi games. A squadron of games includes Outlaws, Eclipse, Amy Hennig's mystery game, and (supposedly) a Knights of the Old Republic remake. But, does the story of Darth Revan end here?

Knights of the Old Republic TV series reportedly in the works

According to leaker MyTimetoShineHello, a Knights of the Old Republic TV series is coming to Disney+. The leaker claims, "Lucasfilm went back and forth about what to do with Knights of the Old Republic, whether to make it a movie or a tv show. Now they have made their decision: it will be a show."

When the news started doing the rounds, there were rumblings in the Force, with many fearing a Disney+ series won't be able to do justice to BioWare's 2003 classic and Obsidian's 2004 sequel. With these being held as some of the greatest games of all time, there's already a reason there hasn't been a third chapter.

Airing their concerns, one sceptic wrote, "This will either be the best thing ever or absolute worst." Another added, "Time for Disney to ruin another Star Wars thing," and a third said, "I want to be excited for this but it’s Disney so it will probably just crush my soul." 

Someone else took a shot at the accusations of 'woke' Disney and concluded, "Can’t wait to see Revan get turned into a strong, diverse female." It's clear confidence has been knocked in Star Wars, and even as the House of Mouse powers forward, a Clone Arms of critics is ready to bask in even the smallest fumble. 

Take us down the animated route 

Knights of the Old Republic Malak and Revan
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These critics aren't alone in their worries, as BioWare writer Drew Karpyshyn previously said there's simply too much to try to adapt into live-action. A KOTOR TV series would alleviate some of those problems by giving much more time to the story, but then again, we can only imagine the sprawling cost of trying to do this.

Disney isn't exactly short of a dollar or two, but there are genuine concerns that KOTOR is simply too big to adapt. Even though we've seen HBO's The Last of Us recently prove it can turn a beloved game into an equally beloved TV series, that didn't require the epic worldbuilding of Star Wars. 

One potential way to bring KOTOR to life would be through animation. We saw Star Wars: The Clone Wars tell some pretty epic arcs across its seven-season run, while Rebels and The Bad Batch were also lauded continuations of the Star Wars saga. You might not want a KOTOR cartoon, but trust us, it's better than a botched live-action series. Sorry, The Book of Boba Fett, we're looking at you.

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