Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection fans lose it over Kit Fisto

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection fans lose it over Kit Fisto
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22nd Feb 2024 10:28

The galaxy far, far away is expanding at an exponential rate, but we're not just looking to the future of Star Wars. There's plenty of hype for upcoming titles like Star Wars Outlaws, Star Wars Eclipse, and the proposed third game is Cal Kestis' Jedi trilogy, but sometimes, we like to bask in the franchise's nostalgia.

Now, the Star Wars: Battlefront games are about to get a new lease of life. And no, we don't mean the microtransaction-laden modern era under DICE, we mean the glory days of Pandemic Studios. As Aspyr unveils the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection, it seems you only have one thing on your mind.

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection fans lose it over Kit Fisto

Announced at February 21's Nintendo Partner Direct, we got confirmation of the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection from Aspyr. Taking the 2004 original and its 2005 sequel, the remastered collection is coming with new additions like Kit Fisto and Asajj Ventress.

The trailer showed off what's new in the world of Battlefront, with a topless Kit Fisto sending pulses racing. Who knew a himbo Nautolan could be so popular? For those who don't remember, Kit Fisto was the dreadlock-tentacled Jedi who appeared fleetingly in George Lucas' prequels but sadly met his end at the hands of Sheev Palpatine.

Kit Fisto has had an expanded story and popularity thanks to the likes of the comics and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Over on Twitter, you can't stop swooning over Kit Fisto swinging his lightsaber in the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection. 

One cheered, "I'm not saying this is 'definitely' Disney trying to test the waters to see if people are interested in a new battlefront but KIT FISTO OMG OMG BUY BUY BUY," while another added, "The new kit fisto model is so cursed I love him."

A third said, "Kit Fisto does not get enough games." While we're over the moon that Kit is getting his time to shine, it's true that he and Ventress were actually available in Battlefront II, previously being added to the Xbox version via a 2006 Xbox Live download. Still, we're glad he's back and flexing his muscles. 

What's new in the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection?

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection Hero Assault
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Don't worry, there's plenty that's new on the way. The announcement confirms there will be "restored online play for up to 64 players," as well as ALL the Galactic Conquest and Campaign mode content available on all platforms. This includes the previously console-exclusive maps.

The iconic Jabba's Palace is being added to the OG Battlefront, while Battlefront II is getting a bumper crop of Bespin: Cloud City, Rhen Var: Harbor, Rhen Bar: Citadel, and Yavin 4: Arena. Although Aspyr isn't clear on whether crossplay will be available, the beloved Hero Assault mode is now on all ground maps. 

The Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series, and PC via Steam on March 14.

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