Star Wars Eclipse hit with disappointing update

Star Wars Eclipse hit with disappointing update
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Joseph Kime


29th Jun 2023 17:10

Star Wars Eclipse is on the way, and frankly, you feel one of two ways about it. You're either interested in the fact that it's a new Star Wars swinging a lighstaber, or you're wondering how Quantic Dream's game design ethos will apply to an intergalactic adventure. 

It's a little confusing, and with the disturbing allegations made against QD lead David Cage, it's easier for some to wish the team wasn't touching the galaxy far, far away at all. Either way, Star Wars Eclipse is coming, and we'd better be prepared for it.

Now, a disappointing Star Wars Eclipse update suggests there's a chance we've got plenty of time to gear up.

Star Wars Eclipse slated for 2026

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It may be on the way, but we've known for some time that Star Wars Eclipse won't be here instantly - despite being announced in 2021 and showing off a glossy cinematic trailer. A prospective launch is indicating that it's going to be a hell of a wait.

Though insiders have been claiming for some time that Star Wars Eclipse will be far (far) away, we've got fresh indications that the game could be out of our hands until 2026.

A new report has come from Insider Gaming (so, naturally, take this with a pinch of salt) that suggests that even 2026 is a generous timescale for the game. The site was responsible for previous claims of a drastically delayed Star Wars Eclipse, but it looks like we're getting more specific now.

Why is Star Wars Eclipse so far away?

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It's claimed that Star Wars Eclipse remains so far away from because the sci-fi title is incredibly ambitious and is expected to divert away from the standard Quantic Dream archetype that we know from its previous games - but there's likely a more concrete reason.

Quantic Dream has notably had trouble hiring developers, predominantly due to allegations of a toxic environment and some particularly unpalatable speeches from David Cage. This is likely forcing developers to steer clear, and thus, see Star Wars Eclipse pushed to a later date.

Whether this is a good or bad thing is up to you, but one thing's for sure - QD's Star Wars remains lightyears away. Get the lawn chairs out, we're going to want to get comfortable.

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