Video Footage Of A Mandalorian Game Has Leaked Online

Video Footage Of A Mandalorian Game Has Leaked Online
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Joseph Kime


27th Aug 2021 10:31

Star Wars games are always a treat on arrival. While we patiently wait for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (which is going to be the best Star Wars game yet, mark my words) and the sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order, we’re left in something of a limbo. We’ve got the upcoming anime series Star Wars: Visions to tide us over, but we’re in the gap between new properties right now - and an R2D2 Tamagotchi is all we have in the way of gaming for the franchise at the moment.

But, as new footage has indicated, our drought could be quelled by a new game with ties to one of Star Wars’ most popular offerings in recent years.

The Mandalorian Game Test Leaks Online

Mandalorian Game Test Footage Leaks
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A video has surfaced online that has been discovered by a ResetEra user, and it looks very promising for fans of Star Wars’ first live-action series. The footage shows off a game based on The Mandalorian, and it looks to be a linear third-person shooter. The video opens with a menu screen that sees Grogu holding the knob from the Razor Crest, and a menu that shows off a chapter select system.

When the game kicks off, it sees the Mandalorian on some kind of Empire ship, shooting at Stormtroopers, swinging over gaps and upgrading his kit. It’s interesting footage that implies something exciting - that a full The Mandalorian game could be on the way.

But, it’s worth exercising caution here.

What Could This Mandalorian Footage Be?

Mandalorian Game Test Footage Leaks
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Let’s be real for a moment - as exciting as this prospect is, there’s every chance that this could be fake. It looks like a very early build either way with some janky Stormtrooper AI and unfinished animations, and it could very easily be a mod built on top of the code of cancelled bounty-hunter shooter Star Wars: 1313

But, the models look fantastic, and the notion of a Mandalorian game is exciting enough to make us discard our critical thinking for a moment. It would be immensely exciting to play through the events of the series, or even take a whole new adventure. We’re long overdue for a new Star Wars game at this point - so bring it on. This is the way, after all.


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