Fans think Star Wars 1313 is being resurrected

Fans think Star Wars 1313 is being resurrected
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Tom Chapman


15th Jun 2023 16:59

Thirteen might be unlucky for some, and while that's true of Star Wars thanks to the cancellation of Star Wars 1313, players are hopping on their speeders in the hope that the forgotten video game relic could be resurrected like Emperor Palpatine.

There's a slew of Star Wars projects in the works right now, with Quantic Dream's Star Wars Eclipse, Massive Entertainment's Star Wars: Outlaws, and a presumed Star Wars Jedi: Survivor sequel. However, do we know what's going on with Amy Hennig's Star Wars outing?

Star Wars 1313 veteran joins Hennig's Star Wars game

Skydance New Media Star Wars game
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Skydance New Media

The former Naughty Dog beau is putting her work on the Uncharted games to good use and setting her sights on the world of Jedi and Sith with a mystery Star Wars game from Skydance New Media. It still doesn't have a title, but we're definitely intrigued. 

Hennig's title was announced last April, with the Skydance site, hyping a collaboration with Lucasfilm Games for a "richly cinematic action-adventure" set in the galaxy far, far away. Now, Star Wars News Network confirms it's nabbed some impressive talent.

Star Wars 1313 Game Director Dominic Robilliard confirmed his return to Star Wars via LinkedIn, saying he's joining Skydance as Game Director to help on both the Star Wars and Marvel projects. When the news was shared on Twitter, the replies were soon filled with cheers that Star Wars 1313 could be leaving the bacta tank.

One questioned, "What's the bet he just makes 1313 again?" while another added, "What could've been. I still hold onto a glimmer of hope that game may be revived in some way." A third concluded, "Finally Star Wars 1314." Sadly, we doubt it's Star Wars 1313. Well, not in its original form.

What happened to Star Wars 1313

While Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm has been great for the world of Star Wars in terms of tightening things up in terms of canon, giving us things like The Mandalorian, and reinvigorating the video game slate, there were some major casualties. For many, Star Wars 1313 was the biggest.

Taking us to the seedy underbelly of Coruscant, Star Wars 1313 was a move away from the tried and tested formula of playing as a Jedi, instead, letting you blast your way through bounties as Boba Fett. The game was announced at E3 2012, and over the years, some impressive bits of concept art and gameplay have appeared. 

As late as 2015, Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy was telling /Film how the ideas could be reused, while we're sure you've all heard about the various rumblings of a Boba Fett game. The problem is, Outlaws feels a lot like it's a spiritual successor to what 1313 would've been - swapping Corsucant for the Outer Rim.

To this day, Star Wars 1313 remains up there with Knights of the Old Republic 3 as one of the franchise's great "What If?" stories for what could've been. We'd love to see Hennig explore the depths of 1313, but until we know more about the game, this one is still lost to Order 66.

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