Open-World Mandalorian Game Looks Amazing In Unreal Engine 5

Open-World Mandalorian Game Looks Amazing In Unreal Engine 5
TeaserPlay | Disney

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Tom Chapman


2nd Feb 2023 15:32

We're practising our Darksaber skills, as footage from a mythical video game based on The Mandalorian is blowing fans away and proving why we need it to happen... like yesterday.

While Din Djarin has only been part of our lives since 2019, the Mandalorian has become a focal point of the Star Wars slate on Disney+. We've already seen The Mandalorian serve as a springboard for The Book of Boba Fett and Ahsoka, but where's our tie-in video game?

Open-World The Mandalorian Video Game Looks Incredible

Fan-favourite concept gamer TeaserPlay has created an ambitious trailer for The Mandalorian. The brief trailer gives us plenty to unpack, with Din Djarin boarding his old Razor Crest ship on a planet similar to Tatooine.

We then enter a built-up Coruscant-inspired area, blast off into space, and land on a planet that looks like the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. Built in Unreal Engine 5, this open-world Mandalorian game looks like a stunning extension to the sometimes shaky world of Star Wars games.

We're not alone in throwing our money at the idea, with the comments section exploding with the usual calls for Respawn Entertainment or Ubisoft to hire the OP for their upcoming Star Wars titles.

"Wow is this awesome & it is a dream to have a Mandalorian game to play. This would be beyond epic," cheered one, while another added, "This would be so cool! Especially because Mando uses the darksaber. So much could be done with a Mando video game."

Dreaming of a cohesive world where, a third concluded, "This game would be great imagine if it is based in the same universe as Jedi Survivor and meeting Cal Kestis as Din Djarin would be insane because if insomniac is making a marvel universe in games then so should Star Wars."

Where Is Our Mandalorian Video Game?

Sadly, an actual game based on The Mandalorian has been marooned to the Outer Rim. The Pedro Pascal-led series is about to return for Season 3, and with it, expect the video game rumour mill to go into overdrive.

A Mando game has reportedly been in the works for a while, and last year, there were whispers it could be an Xbox exclusive. Footage from a title leaked online, although no one's sure whether it's the real deal. To be honest, we're crying out for a Mandalorian game focusing on the Purge of Mandalore.

There are plenty of Star Wars games to look forward to. Even though none of them are an open-world Mandalorian game, there are the likes of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Quantic Dreams' Star Wars Eclipse. In the meantime, we'll go back to playing LEGO Star Wars and dreaming of Djarin.

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