Fake GTA 6 trailer debunked by Dead Island 2 dev

Fake GTA 6 trailer debunked by Dead Island 2 dev
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Tom Chapman


11th May 2023 15:37

At this point, it's undoubtedly easier to write about what's fake rather than what's real when it comes to Grand Theft Auto. We've been severely starved of official news from Rockstar Games, meaning what little we've gleaned about GTA 6 has come from leaks and rumours.

The problem with leaks is it's hard to figure out what's the real deal and what's someone looking for upvotes. While it looks like whispers of a female protagonist and return to Vice City are locked in as the real deal, we're waiting for a proper GTA 6 trailer to confirm what's going on.

Don't trust the GTA 6 trailer



Unfortunately, our wait for the GTA 6 trailer just got a little longer, as a hopefully credible leak was debunked as a load of codswallop. More than that, it's been debunked by the Dead Island 2 devs. 

Over on YouTube, a supposed GTA 6 trailer went viral, with it apparently being leaked by Rockstar North. As it was deleted, this threw more weight behind the rumours. However, if you look closely, you'll spot some telltale signs we've all been punk'd.

For starters, the fact the fake GTA 6 trailer uses real-life car brands should've been a giveaway sign this wasn't legit. If that wasn't enough, Dead Island 2 dev @Classyham pointed out it uses gameplay from the 2023 game. We're not sure how the trailer was made, but its high finish had plenty of eager players duped. 

Where is our GTA 6 trailer?

Female GTA poster
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It wasn't long ago that we heard about a leaked GTA 6 trailer, which apparently honed in on the female protagonist called Lucia. Even though it wasn't verified, it gave hope to the idea that Rockstar was finally rolling out its mighty marketing machine for an official reveal.

E3 would've been a prime spot, but with the gaming extravaganza in the dirt, it's anyone's guess when we'll get an actual GTA trailer. The GTA 6 release date is similarly up in the air, with windows ranging from a surprise drop in 2023 through to 2026 and beyond. 

A May 9 post on the GamingLeaksAndRumors’ subreddit claims that Take-Two Interactive could be throwing a massive GTA 6 launch event in Miami, but again, it might be an elaborate hoax to put even more egg on our faces. At this point, we'd simply settle for a GTA 6 trailer that we can pore over for the next few years.

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