Everyone Is Obsessed With God Of War Ragnarok's Talking Squirrel

Everyone Is Obsessed With God Of War Ragnarok's Talking Squirrel
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Joseph Kime


8th Nov 2022 11:48

Hype for God of War: Ragnarok is at its peak. The game comes out on November 9, so depending on when you read this, it might already be here. It feels like we've had to wait years for the finale to the saga that started with 2018's reboot.

Although there was no way to predict that an incredible father-son story could come off the hyper-violent original series, fans were desperate for more from the second the credits began to roll. As we approach Ragnarok, the story is about to come to a close, but in the meantime, fans are loving what the game is offering. Including its talking squirrel.

God Of War Ragnarok Reveals Giant Squirrel, Ratatoskr

Without even needing to get their hands on the game itself, God of War fans have found their latest obsession, who makes his welcome return in Ragnarok. Ratatoskr, the talking squirrel, has finally popped up in promotional images for the AAA game - bringing this wild companion to life.

More than simply being a talking squirrel to help or hinder your quest across the Nine Realms, Ratatoskr is voiced by SungWon Cho - a popular voice actor and YouTuber. Cho takes over from video game legend Troy Baker voicing him in 2018. 

"Eyyy, look like the first images of Ratatoskr are finally public," he says in a tweet. "I voiced him, helped write his dialogue, and did the motion capture." It's Ratatoskr's job to deliver messages between Hræsvelgr the eagle and Níðhöggr the serpent, but you'll likely know him for his foul-mouthed rants. 

Fans React To SungWon Cho's Ratatoskr In Ragnarok

Both fans and icons of the gaming space have reacted incredibly well to the reveal that SungWon Cho is joining the God of War world, and if anything, it's made them even more excited to play the final game. Given that we only saw Ratatoskr as an astral projection to aid Atreus, it's nice to see a fully-formed version here. Congratulating Cho, Jacksepticeye wrote, "That’s huge dude, congrats!!," while DomTheBomb simply wrote, "Holy W."

Despite a minor role in God of War, Ratatoskr looks like he'll have a bigger part to play here while chattering away in the ear of Kratos. This silly squirrel looks fantastic, but his casting is even better thanks to Cho being so involved in the character's creation. Ratatoskr won't know what hit him when we're finally besties.

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