Classic GTA games could be coming to Netflix thanks to the GTA Trilogy

Classic GTA games could be coming to Netflix thanks to the GTA Trilogy
Images via Rockstar Games | Netflix

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12th Feb 2024 11:25

When the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition released in 2021, it was hardly the runaway success Rockstar Games was hoping for. The idea of repackaging (arguably) the three best Grand Theft Auto games and giving them a new-gen upgrade seemed foolproof, but sadly, we know that wasn't the case.

Instead of being a truly new-gen overhaul like Capcom's Resident Evil remakes, Rockstar was accused of taking the lazy route, handed development to Grove Street Games, and little was changed. If anything, glitches and bugs led to many claiming the games were worse than ever, with mass calls for refunds.

The GTA Trilogy was a huge hit on Netflix

GTA Trilogy Netflix
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Images via Rockstar Games | Netflix

In a turn of events none of us saw coming, Netflix made bank off the GTA Trilogy. While we all hear about crumbling subscriber numbers and Netflix losing $54 billion overnight, the addition of the GTA Trilogy apparently led to massive growth in 2023

Netflix hired Mike Verdu, a former executive from Electronic Arts, back in 2021, with the intention of a move into the gaming space. Given how crowded this market was, many remained unconvinced. The jury is still out on the idea, with Netflix largely creating mobile games on its IPs like Stranger Things and Vikings: Valhalla.

Still, with the acquisition of Oxenfree's Night School Studio and Tomb Raider Reloaded coming to Netflix's gaming catalogue, it was clear the streaming giant was powering forward with the idea. As Netflix's gaming section remains a free part of your subscription, it has slowly been growing in popularity.

Despite the problems with the GTA Trilogy, its release on Android, iOS, and Netflix means we can take it on the go. Added to this, the patches and upgrades mean it's finally firing on all cylinders and is actually a half-decent game. With that, Netflix has seen a massive spike thanks to the GTA Trilogy. 

More GTA games could be coming to Netflix

GTA V boy in Bedroom and Michael
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Image via Rockstar Games

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A symbiotic relationship between Netflix and GTA publisher Take-Two Interactive seems likely to continue, with Take-Two's CEO Strauss Zelnik praising the partnership. As reported by Business Insider, Zelnick described the "halo effect" from the GTA 6 trailer, affecting all corners of the franchise.

Adding how "all things GTA, you know, lead to more excitement," Zelnick teased what could be next. "We'd love to do more with Netflix," said Zelnik. "Who wouldn't? As long as the consumers are happy to be there and as long as the economics of those arrangements make good sense."

This has led to obvious rumbled that more GTA games could be on the way, with other classics earmarked for their Netflix arrival. Still, as we've seen the iPhone 15 Pro Max able to handle the grunt of modern AAA games, dare we wish for GTA IV or even GTA V via Netflix?

Beyond that, Rockstar has some real giants that Take-Two would be wise to slap with Netflix's big, red, logo. Imagine a Bully resurgence through Netflix, while 2010's Red Dead Redemption and its 2018 sequel would be an easy sell. Either way, it doesn't look like Take-Two is done with Netflix just yet. 

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