Chris Pratt's Mario Movie Face Has Leaked - And We All Hate It

Chris Pratt's Mario Movie Face Has Leaked - And We All Hate It
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Joseph Kime


5th Oct 2022 08:55

The upcoming Mario movie isn't exactly coming to life with a wealth of support. We've seen Mario take to the big screen before, and as Bob Hoskins himself would've told you, it wasn't the cinematic masterpiece we were hoping for.

Either way, the Chris Pratt-led Illumination film is on its way, and it's finally getting a reveal at October 6's special Nintendo Direct presentation. Except, we may have seen more than we should have, thanks to a potential leak of Mario's face. To be honest, we wish we'd never seen it at all.

Movie Mario's Face May Have Leaked

While it remains unconfirmed (and will until Nintendo gives us the full reveal), it seems that someone who claims to work at McDonald's has revealed an image of the movie's Mario model in the Discord channel for streamer ConnorEatsPants.

Sharing the cursed image on Twitter, ConnorEatsPants has unleashed it onto the masses with all the hate you'd expect it to get. Either way, fans reckon the leak is legitimate because the model has the same notch in Mario's glove that you can see in the official teaser poster that was revealed. 

Movie Mario Looks Spot On, But Equally Gross

It looks like we're finally looking Mario in the eye, and we can't lie, it's making us pretty uncomfortable. All things considered, when compared to the regular mainline game models, this interpretation of Mario is pretty accurate. His proportions are almost bang on - but yet, there's something icky and uncanny about the way he looks.


His arms are thin and human-like, and yet he has a gigantic boulder head with cold, dead eyes. And for some reason, to see his overalls designed with realistic-looking denim is pretty weird. Others share the sentiments, as one critic wrote, "I'm sorry but there’s something wrong with him that doesn’t feel right." Another simply wrote, "No way that's the final design."

Someone else concluded, "It's mainly the proportions and extra details that kinda make this look off plus smaller eyes and a wider mouth With that being said, I think it looks nice. We could've had WAY worse." Maybe it's our connection to the Mario we know, but there's something incredibly strange about looking at this new version of the plumber. We'll have to wait and see if it works, but for now, we're going to feel pretty icky about it.

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