Call of Duty reveals its latest villain has returned from the grave

Call of Duty reveals its latest villain has returned from the grave
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Jack Marsh


27th Jul 2023 12:31

After his tank went up in a ball of flames in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, many assumed that the Shadow Company Commander was presumed dead.

But if you don't see a flamed carcass in the Call of Duty stories, you'd be correct in thinking that there might be a reason why.

So after booking a date with Satan by taking on Ghost and Soap, it seems like the rumours surrounding Phillip Graves' fate were true, as Call of Duty has now confirmed that he shook hands with the devil and decided now isn't his time to walk through the fiery gates of hell.

Call of Duty confirms Graves is alive and will return in MW2

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While the campaign ended with the presumed death of Graves, the official Call of Duty account has now confirmed that he really is one with the Shadows, and has survived the blast, escaping the wrath of Task Force 141.

Taking to social media, that Call of Duty account announced that he is, "Late to his own funeral," and that he will be coming back to Modern Warfare 2 in Season 5 as a multiplayer operator.

This comes shortly after Monster Energy revealed Modern Warfare 3 key art involving Makarov, which makes the threat in the next campaign thrice as difficult. 

So far, Task Force 141 has failed to dismiss villains in both the Modern Warfare rebooted campaigns, and will now have to face a combination of Hadir (MW2019), Graves, Valeria, and Makarov in the trilogy conclusion.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 Operators revealed



Graves will now become a playable character in both Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 in Season 5, alongside two new characters to the series.

The key art features a Brutus of a man in the middle, who is named Oz, and Gomes wielding knuckle dusters and what appears to be a FAMAS. 

On the right is Mila, sporting a Shadow Company strip and will likely be quite popular with fans of Mil-sim and the campaigns. 

Not much is known about either Oz or Mila, although they seem like two Operators you would not want to mess with.

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