Monster leaks Modern Warfare 3 logo and Makarov return

Monster leaks Modern Warfare 3 logo and Makarov return
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Jack Marsh


24th Jul 2023 19:42

Oh Activision, haven't you learnt from the Dorito disaster of 2020?

As Modern Warfare 3 is set for its grand reveal during an in-game Warzone event in August, the next Call of Duty has now had its branding and logo revealed by yet another partnership deal.

Just like how Doritos leaked Black Ops Cold War in a promo, Modern Warfare 3 has been officially confirmed by a leaked Monster energy drink campaign.

Modern Warfare 3 logo and branding leaked by Monster

Although Activision themselves recently leaked Modern Warfare 3's existence through DMCA strikes, the developers previously kept the branding and logo tight to its chest.

Now though, the red colour scheme has been unveiled as Monster Energy's Modern Warafre 3 promotional boxes have been leaked, which showcase bonus in-game rewards, similar to how the Jack Links Ghillie Suit worked in Modern Warfare 2.

The exact bonuses remain unclear, however the red branding of Modern Warfare "III" is new to the franchise, moving away from the usual green colouring, maybe indicative of something more sinister in-store for Task Force 141 this year.

Modern Warfare 3 leak confirms Makarov and Price rivalry

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Not only does the leak contain news that there will be a Monster Operator skin, the box also appears to finally leak the return of Makarov.

The original Modern Warfare antagonist, best known for being the face of the No Russian annihilation, has long been rumoured to be returning to the game after the post-MW2 campaign cut scene shown an unnamed and balaclava-donning Russian character saying "no Russian" on a high-flying plane.

But over the shoulder of Captain Price on the Monster campaign appears to be Makarov's eye, leaking his involvement in the Modern Warfare 3 story.

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