After listening to player complaints, Apex Legends have teases a major Pathfinder buff could be on the way.

21:35, 27 Sep 2020

There's good news for Pathfinder fans (we know you're out there), as Apex Legends devs have confirmed that battling bot will be getting a much-needed buff. When Apex Legends launched at the tail end of 2019, there were just eight characters to throw into the map. Despite Pathfinder being one of the OG Legends and gathering a loyal following, there are accusations he's been neglected to make room for newer additions like Loba and Rampart.

Pathfinder was formally a juggernaut of the Apex gang thanks to a jaw-dropping 15-second cooldown on his grapple - meaning he was a blur across the map. As the devs tweaked this thanks to criticisms Pathfinder was OP, he was nerfed a little too far and now dwells in the bowels of the game with a sluggish 35-second cooldown on his grapple. Talk about a fall from grace. 

In our tier list of all 14 Legends, we put Pathfinder in the low B tier alongside the likes of Crypto and Bangalore, but hey, at least he wasn't in the C tier with Loba and Octane. Thankfully, all of that is about to change.


When one fan grumbled that Pathfinder should be returned to at least some of his former glory, a troll pretending to be game producer Josh Medina responded on Twitter and said, "He’s gonna get some love soon". This caught the attention of the real Josh Medina, who soon took to the platform to clear the whole mess up and confirm, yes, Pathfinder will be getting a buff soon. 

Discussing the Pathfinder palaverer, Medina wrote, "Hi @PlayApex legends! We have been listening to your feedback, and have realized we have hurt Pathfinder a little more than intended. To combat this we have decided to take low profile off, reduce grapple cool down to 25 seconds (from 35 seconds)". 

Hopefully, this will help fix Pathfinder's abysmal pick rate that dropped from 22% to just 10% in Season 5. Developers have been onto the issue for a while, with the Season 6 patch notes simply saying "Hi friend!" under Pathfinder. 

Season 6 made improvements across the board for the Recon class by giving both Bloodhound and Crypto the same abilities of Pathfinder - scanning for survey beacons to find the next ring. If Pathfinder hadn't already been hit hard enough by his nerf, the idea of giving two other Legends his unique skillset threatened to knock him right of the game's meta. Can a reduced cooldown bring Pathfinder back to the top of Skyhook, or will be he llanguishing at the bottom of Kings Canyon? We'll have to wait and see.


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