Apex Legends fans have 'entirely given up' on one weapon category

Apex Legends fans have 'entirely given up' on one weapon category
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10th Apr 2024 16:05

For the longest time in Apex Legends, the R99, CAR SMG, and even the Alternator ruled the Outlands as some of the strongest weapons in the arsenal.

The strafe speed of SMGs and their incredible potency when paired with the aim assist on controller made them monsters at close range.

As a result, Respawn has taken consistent action to lower their power over recent patches, with the R99 being hit especially hard. Now, Apex Legends fans are claiming that they've "entirely given up" on the category and are using shotguns and ARs instead.

Apex Legends players have "given up" on Submachine Guns

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, user PoliteChatter0 decided to ask the community if "anybody else has just entirely stopped using SMGs in ranked?".

The response has been overwhelming from players, claiming they've replaced their trusty R99 with a Mastiff or even a Havoc in a lot of cases. For them, the majority of SMGs just don't have the damage output anymore, especially the R99, which is so difficult to one-clip enemies with now.

"Yes I stopped running SMGs the first split because the Havoc and Flatline hit too hard," said one user, with another claiming "R99 and CAR just empty way too quick, increasing the recoil for these guns only makes it more difficult to mag dump enemies."

In the eyes of many, the SMGs were never the problem, it was the aim assist that aids their accuracy. While the devs have promised changes, there's been no timeline on when these alterations will arrive.

Are any of the Apex Legends SMGs strong?

Volt SMG Apex
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Yes, while the R99 is in a very poor spot and the CAR is no longer the powerhouse it used to be, the Volt remains a brilliant choice.

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Offering massive damage per mag, the Volt may have a slower rate of fire than its competitors, but it's far more consistent in the current meta.

Pair it alongside a Flatline, Havoc, or Spitfire, and you've got a loadout that's more than capable of solo-carrying in Ranked.

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