Duncan McLeod has gone viral as a 'boomer' gamer and ability to dominate players in Apex Legends.

12:18, 24 Sep 2020

They say you're only as old as you feel, and when it comes to streamer Duncanas, that's not very old at all. Despite being 55 years old, Duncan McLeod is keeping up with even the youngest Apex Legends players and proving age is nothing but a number. Now, the self-confessed "boomer" has gone viral for an impressive streak where he wiped out a whole squad of enemies. 

On his Twitch channel, McLeod writes, "Born in 1965 in Australia I'm a true boomer living in Las Vegas who has been gaming for well over 40 years and plays a lot of Apex Legends". When it comes to his latest Apex mastery, he even caught the attention of Respawn Entertainment.


I might be almost 55 but I'm not dead yet! from r/apexlegends

A clip of Duncanas has gone viral on Reddit, and at the time of writing, has 32.4k upvotes. In the video "I might be almost 55 but I'm not dead yet!", McLeod tore through an enemy squad with some quick-fingered trickery. His streak was spotted by Respawn dev alex_RSPN, who wrote, "Damn Duncan! Get em ". As well as thanking alex_RSPN, Duncanas went on to list a number of features he wants improving. Duncanas shared links to fixing SBMM and Quality of Life features, proving that he definitely knows his stuff. 

The clip came from McLeod's video on improving movement and positioning in Apex, however, we doubt he knew it was going to blow up the way it did. Back on Reddit, other fans wrote, "Few things make me happier than seeing people of all ages enjoying video games. Nice squad wipe", "Hell yeah! Old man Gamers unite! There is a group of us that play and the youngest is in his 40s and the oldest is 54", and "This is the most wholesome thread I've seen on reddit in ages".

Importantly, the thread highlighted that it's not just young guns hopping into Respawn's first-person shooter. Given that some think reflexes and positioning are key to climbing the ranks of Apex Legends, it's great to see those that might be accused of having slower reflexes proving their critics wrong. If you fancy yourself as something of a "silver surfer", McLeod has also set up his own Boomer Gaming YouTube channel where he offers hints and tips for more mature players.

Just like the term "millennial", "boomer" is sometimes used in circles as a slur. It's great to see someone like McLeod embracing what could be used as a negative and spinning it into a positive. Boomers unite and let's see that older Apex community grow.


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Images via Duncan McLeod Twitch 

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