How to get Ultra Secreto doll in Warzone Operation Nightmare

How to get Ultra Secreto doll in Warzone Operation Nightmare
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19th Oct 2023 16:20

Do you remember the viral alien body recently showcased by the Mexican government? Surprisingly, the figure has made its way to Call of Duty: Warzone, and it’s known as the Ultra Secreto doll.

The Ultra Secreto doll is worth $100,000 in the game, and the process to obtain it is relatively interesting. So, if you’ve not witnessed the viral alien body yet, here’s how to find the Ultra Secreto doll in Warzone DMZ.

Where is the Ultra Secreto doll in Warzone DMZ?

Where to find UFO boss in Warzone DMZ
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Players can obtain the Ultra Secreto doll by defeating the UFO boss during the Warzone Operation Nightmare event. The UFO appears on the southeast of Sawah Village on the Al Mazrah map, hovering near some shipwrecks. We’ve also marked the UFO’s exact location in the above image for your convenience.

The UFO boss fight has three stages, each with its own strategy and difficulty level. The first and third stages are relatively easy, as you just need to dodge the UFO’s attacks and shoot at its core.  However, the second stage can be tricky as you have to focus on three different targets.

Warzone DMZ Ultra Secreto doll
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Once you defeat the UFO boss, you will be rewarded with two artifacts or relics, one of which is the valuable Ultra Secreto doll. The artifacts will be highlighted on your screen, so you just have to walk over to them and collect them.

How to use Ultra Secreto doll in Warzone DMZ

As mentioned earlier, the Ultra Secreto doll is a viral alien body that is worth $100,000 in Warzone DMZ. Therefore, it can be useful for purchasing items, weapons, ammo, or other in-game supplies.

If players do not wish to sell the doll immediately, they can stash it in their Backpack. Finally, finding the doll will allow you to complete the UFO boss challenge, which will unlock a calling card.

That's all you need to know about finding the Ultra Secreto doll in Warzone DMZ. For more DMZ guides, keep reading GGRecon. Or check out how to complete the Alpha Decay mission.

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