How to complete 'The Route Forward' in MW2 DMZ

How to complete 'The Route Forward' in MW2 DMZ
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6th Apr 2023 17:37

MW2 DMZ is filled to the brim with a ton of breathtaking missions that players can undertake to unlock glorious rewards. One such mission, in particular, is The Route Forward. It’s the last story mission for the Tier 5 White Lotus Faction in MW2 DMZ that rewards you with a Chisel weapon blueprint for SA-B 50 Marksman rifle upon completion.

However, many players may have a hard time completing The Route Forward mission as it involves a bunch of tricky objectives in the game. If you’re also in the same boat, worry not, as we have got a comprehensive walkthrough to help you accomplish this mission quickly.

How to complete 'The Route Forward' mission

Before moving forward, it’s worth noting that we’ve split this guide into three sections, making it easier for you to complete all the objectives.

Part 1: Looting the tracking devices

The first part of the mission requires looting seven tracking devices from the All-Shareen Pass Dumpster Dead Drop. Once you reach the location, make your way up the hill from the Octar Village side to the top level of All-Stream Pass. Open the Dead Drop and pick up the seven tracking devices to complete the mission's first objective.

You can purchase the trackers by spending 3500 $ in-game cash.
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However, before you head to this area, it is recommended that you gather the essential loot items, such as self revive kit, healing items, UAVs, and ammunition. Having these items in your inventory will aid you in fighting against AI combatants in the area.

Part 2: Planting tracking devices on the AQ trucks inside Sattiq Caves

The second part of the mission involves planting the tracking devices on the AQ trucks inside Sattiq Caves in one deployment. If you’ve completed the Caved-In mission, you must be familiar with this location.

Players can find the first armored truck at the cave's main entrance. Plant the tracking device on one side of the truck, then move to the next two locations, which are also in the same area as the Caved In mission. 

The first Armoured Truck can be found at the cave's main entrance.
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Enter the cave from the water entrance, eliminate the enemies, and plant the two tracking devices. Use the zip line to return to the top of the cave.

Use the Zipline to find more trucks.
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The location of the next four trucks is close to each other. However, use the UAV Tower to see the nearby enemies before heading to the cave. To the left, you will see two more truck locations. 

You will find more trucks near the Cave's exit.
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Once you have planted those devices, continue through the cave, making a left curve to find the third truck. Clear the enemies in the area and plant the tracking device. 

The final truck can be found outside the cave.
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Continue to the left to find the clearance to exit the cave. Players can see the last armoured truck outside the cave.

Please note: You can plant the tracking devices in any sequence.

Part 3: Downloading the Data

The final objective of the mission requires you to download the data from servers that are located inside the Sattiq Cave complex. After heading into the cave, you’ll find the server room in one of the sections of the bunker. At this point, you’ll see an activation switch right next to the servers. Stand close to the switch and press the interaction when the prompt appears on the screen.

The final objective is to download the data from the servers.
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Once the download is complete, The Router Forward challenge will be marked as completed in Modern Warfare 2, and you’ll receive the Chisel weapon blueprint for SA-B 50 Marksman rifle and 40,000 experience points for your efforts.

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