How To Change Ping Colour In Warzone 2

How To Change Ping Colour In Warzone 2
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28th Nov 2022 09:54

Like many, you are probably trying to figure out how to change the Ping Colour in Warzone 2. By now, it's common knowledge that the default white Ping Marker Colour in Warzone 2 just doesn't cut it. So, give your eyes a rest by following the steps outlined below to change your Ping Colour in Warzone 2.

How To Change Ping Colour In Warzone 2

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To change the colour of your Ping Marker in Warzone 2, you must first launch Warzone 2 and open up Settings

To access the Settings with a controller, press Start and use the R1/RB buttons to navigate over to the cogwheel. If using a mouse and keyboard, you can simply press F3.

From Settings, scroll down to Interface. Next, select Colour Customisation.

Finally, select Neutral and swap the default white colour to the colour of your choosing. This Interface Element Colour is responsible for the colour of your Ping Markers in Warzone 2

Note that Colour Customisation is unique to each individual player. Teammates will still see Ping Markers in white unless they also adjust their Interface Element Colours.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to change the Ping Marker Colour on the Tac Map.

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Best Ping Colours In Warzone 2

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Obviously, the entire point of Warzone 2's Colour Customisation is to allow players to hand-select their favourite colours for each of the elements in a way that works for them functionally and aesthetically. However, there are some Ping Colours that stand out exceptionally well among the terrain, foliage, and structures of Al Mazrah. 

Some of the best Ping Colours to select for Warzone 2 include:

  • Pink
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Bright Orange
  • Light Purple

All of these colours will catch your eye while remaining visible in various settings and degrees of lighting. And they don't clash with the other default Interface Element Colours!

Why You Should Change Your Ping Colour In Warzone 2

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For some odd reason, Warzone 2's default Ping Colour is white. As you might have already realised, white isn't the easiest colour to see atop the Al Mazrah backdrop. This is especially problematic considering that much of the text and icons on Al Mazrah are also white in colour.

So, if you don't want to have to squint to see your Ping Markers, it's best to go into the Interface and change the Neutral colour under Colour Customisation.

With that, you have everything you need to change the colour of your Ping Markers in Warzone 2. And if you'd like, you can even change the colour of other elements, such as the colour of teammates and enemies on the Tac Map.

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