How To Get V Rising Unsullied Hearts And How To Use Them

How To Get V Rising Unsullied Hearts And How To Use Them
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20th May 2022 15:56

Netting yourself a V Rising Unsullied Heart is always a nice feeling, you are a vampire at the end of the day, and surely the heart of your adversaries is the king of organs. However, it isn't made obvious how V Rising Unsullied Hearts are acquired. Luckily, we've got all the details.

Below, we'll run you through how to get Unsullied Hearts in V Rising as well as what Unsullied Hearts do so you can use them to their full potential instead of throwing them into a storage chest.

  • V Rising Leather is an equally important item. Follow our guide to get yourself some armour.

V Rising Unsullied Heart: How To Get

v rising unsullied heart lidia chaos archer
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Now, if you want to get some V Rising Unsullied Hearts, you're going to have to do some work for them. This is because the only two methods of acquiring an Unsullied Heart is through either defeating V Blood bosses or very high-level enemies.

The recommendation here is to kill powerful V Blood carriers rather than high-level enemies. This is because those high-level enemies are going to be near impossible, or simply unreachable, making it not worthwhile until you're approximately level 60. At that point, you will have probably bypassed needing to farm Unsullied Hearts.

The powerful V Blood carrier of choice here is probably Lidia the Chaos Archer as she should be able to be beaten with relative ease coupled with the fact that you may run into other V Blood bosses on your route back to your Castle Heart base is. Keep doing this until you reach your desired number of Unsullied Hearts.

The chance of one of these powerful V Blood carriers dropping an Unsullied Heart is around 1 in 4 so maximising your Unsullied Heart farming method by searching for them on your return to base could almost ensure an Unsullied Heart per run.


V Rising Unsullied Heart: How To Use

v rising unsullied heart greater blood essence
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Now you know how to get an Unsullied Heart in V Rising, what is its use in the game? Well, Unsullied Hearts are pretty vital, especially if you're looking to net yourself a bunch of Greater Blood Essence.

This is due to the fact that until you've reached the point in the game where upgrading Blood Essence to Greater Blood Essence becomes an available crafting recipe, Unsullied Hearts are an absolute necessity.

You will need 4 Unsullied Hearts to craft Greater Blood Essence with this process taking 180 seconds per time. This can only be done if you have the Blood Press though, so ensure you've built that before even thinking of Greater Blood Essence crafting.


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