Is V Rising On Xbox And PlayStation?

Is V Rising On Xbox And PlayStation?
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Dave McAdam


19th May 2022 13:39

Is V Rising on Xbox and PlayStation? V Rising is taking the PC gaming market by storm, a new early-access action RPG in a similar vein to Diablo or Lost Ark. This early access game is catching fire quickly, so it is only a matter of time before even more fans jump on board. This raises an important question, is V Rising on Xbox and PlayStation?

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V Rising Xbox And PlayStation: Console Availability

V Rising Xbox and PlayStation: console availability
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Unfortunately, it isn’t good news right now for console players hoping to jump on V Rising any time soon. The game is only available in early access on Steam at this current time. It launched in early access on May 17th so it is very early days for this game. While early access games have become a regular appearance on consoles, it seems that V Rising is not ready to make the jump just yet.

Typically speaking, games like V Rising are often considered best suited to the PC. When you think of games like it, it wasn’t that long ago that those games only appeared on PC. ARPGs like Diablo or online crafting and survival games like Rust, but as we have seen those games have managed to make the jump to consoles. Hopefully, V Rising will follow suit.


V Rising Xbox And PlayStation: Launch Window

V Rising Xbox and PlayStation: Launch window
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Again, it is very early days, but it is important to remember this game is not yet finished. A full release date is not yet known, and considering the early popularity of the game, it is likely the developers are considering more options regarding the finished game.

We might just get the console ports we are hoping for when the game reaches 1.0 status. When more news is revealed, we will be back with an update. Until then, our options are to play V Rising on Steam, or wait for a console release.

That is everything we know about the potential of seeing V Rising on Xbox and PlayStation right now.


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