V Rising Paper: How To Get And Craft Paper

V Rising Paper: How To Get And Craft Paper
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23rd May 2022 17:07

V Rising Paper is a resource that all players are going to want plenty of over the course of the game. V Rising tasks players with building up their castle base with many improvements and crafting stations. As Paper is a crucial aspect of upgrading your castle, you will need it for blueprints and various new technologies. Here is everything you need to know about V Rising Paper including how to get and use it.

V Rising Paper: How To Get

V Rising Paper: How to get it
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Paper can be found and crafted in V Rising. You will need to make a decent amount of progress to be able to craft it so for the early goings, you will have to rely on finding Paper out in the wild. You can find paper in enemy camps, such as bandit camps, strongholds, logging camps, and so on. Seek these places out in the yellow points of interest around the map, clear out the camp and search any chests you find.

Once you have defeated Nicholaus the Fallen, a level 37 boss, you will be able to build a Study Research Desk at your castle. You can use the study desk to research a Paper Press, which you can construct and use to produce your own Paper. You will need Sawdust and Plant Fibres, which are both easily acquired. With enough of both, you can produce as much Paper as you like.


V Rising Paper: What It Is Used For

V Rising Paper: How to use it
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Paper is one of the most useful items in the game. Paper is needed for a lot of upgrades in the game. It is used in creating schematics for new castle upgrades, as well as new gear. Knowledge is power, and in a time before the internet, you are going to need paper to wield that power.

Paper is one of the items you will want to hoard as much of as possible, and when you can, make plenty of it.

That is everything you need to know about V Rising Paper. For more tips, check out our V Rising PvP guide.


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