How To Get And Use V Rising Coarse Thread

How To Get And Use V Rising Coarse Thread
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23rd May 2022 15:24

V Rising coarse thread is a crafting resource needed for multiple recipes. V Rising challenges players to take up the life of a vampire in a dangerous world and survive that harsh environment but coarse thread is a bit unusual as it cannot be procured like most other resources. Here is everything you need to know about V Rising coarse thread.

  • Another resource that is much simpler to get is V Rising leather, and we have all the details.

V Rising Coarse Thread: How To Get It

V Rising coarse thread: how to get it
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As mentioned, coarse thread does not come from the same kinds of sources as other resources. You cannot harvest coarse thread like wood or stone, nor can you make it yourself. At least right now, there is no way to craft coarse thread. As such, the only way to get the stuff is to find it out in the world.

Coarse thread appears in treasure chests at bandit camps, trapper camps, and logger camps. To find some, your best bet is to head out into the world and seek out enemy camps. Defeat enemies, take their stuff, and search their chests. This method is entirely luck-based, so you just need to continue searching camps until the RNG gods bless you with some coarse thread.


V Rising Coarse Thread: What Is It Used For?

V Rising coarse thread: what it is used for
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Coarse thread is one of the most versatile items in the game. It can be used for things like armour and upgrades, even to craft yourself a fishing rod. Regardless of how you play the game, coarse thread is going to be a necessary resource for you. Be sure to stock up on as much of them as you can find.

That is everything you need to know to get yourself plenty of V Rising coarse thread. For more tips, check out our V Rising iron ore guide.


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