How To Play V Rising PvP

How To Play V Rising PvP
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20th May 2022 09:05

V Rising PvP is one of the first options presented to you in the game. V Rising gives players a choice between playing on PvP or PvE servers, with even more options beyond those two. This is a big choice, as it drastically alters how you will have to approach the game. Here is everything you need to know about V Rising PvP.

  • If you want to make your vampire even more powerful, you're going to want some V Rising iron ore.

V Rising PvP: What Are Your Options

V Rising PvP: PvE and PvP options
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When you start the game, you have to choose your game mode. Your options are PvE, PvP, Full Loot PvP, or Duos PvP. PvE is as you would expect, a mode where there is no combat between players. While out in the world of Vardoran you will encounter other players, you can work together or just in parallel, but regardless you cannot harm one another. This is the mode recommended to players playing for the first time, or anyone who isn’t interested in competition.

The regular PvP mode is largely the same as PvE, but allows players to attack one another. You cannot completely rob another player of their items, but you can fight them, take some of their stuff and even invade their castles. This is for players looking for a battle for supremacy between the vampires.


V Rising PvP: The Other PvP Modes

V Rising PvP: the two other PvP modes
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The other two PvP modes are Duos PvP and Full Loot PvP. The regular PvE and PvP modes allow players to form clans of up to four vampires. Duos PvP exists to give players with smaller groups a better chance of success. Here, you and a friend can jump in together free of the worry of bigger gangs of vampires bullying you and taking your blood money.

Finally, Full Loot PvP is your hardcore mode. This mode is PvP but with the added stipulation that players drop all of their loot when they die. In other words, killing another player gets you all of their stuff. This is purely for players who really want a player versus player challenge, and are not worried about getting very frustrated.

That is it for V Rising PvP and PvE modes. For more on the game, check out our V Rising Whetstone guide.


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