V Rising Blood Types: All Blood Types And Qualities Explained

V Rising Blood Types: All Blood Types And Qualities Explained
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V Rising blood types are a vampiric mechanic in the game that has you take on the traits of those you feed upon. V Rising puts you in the shoes of a vampire lord rising from years of slumber and sets you about dominating the human world. To regain your strength, you will need to consume blood, but not all blood is created equal. Here is everything you need to know about V Rising blood types.

  • Defeating enemies and drinking blood gets you one of the most important resources in the game, V Rising Blood Essence.

V Rising Blood Types: All Blood Types

V Rising Blood Types: All blood types in the game
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The blood types of V Rising are not the ones we use, they are much more literal in their meaning. For example, when you start the game you will have the Frailed blood type. Frailed doesn’t do anything in particular, it just denotes that your vampire needs some blood. The other blood types are Creature, Worker, Warrior, Brute, Rogue, and Scholar. You can gain these blood types by drinking the blood of a being containing that blood type.

The Creature type comes from wolves, bears, and basically any regular animal. It grants increases in movement speed, sun resistance, and damage reduction. This blood type is excellent for exploring and general play. Worker blood comes from worker humans and increases your resource gathering. The Warrior type is gained from human fighters and as you would expect, is all about putting more damage out and getting less damage in.

Brute comes from humans, usually the bigger ones, and focuses on damage and lots of health recovery. Rogue blood comes from rogueish humans, archers and the like, and increases your speed and critical hit chances. Finally, the Scholar blood type gives you boosts to your magical abilities and is garnered from priests and other magic-wielding enemies.


V Rising Blood Types: Blood Quality

V Rising Blood Types: Blood quality
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Every blood type grants various boosts, but how many they grant is dependent on the quality of the blood. When you fight enemies and go to drain their blood, you will see a percentage number beside them. This indicates the quality of the blood, the higher the quality, the more buffs it will grant.

Every blood type has five tiers; tier one is 1-29% blood quality, tier two is 30-59%, tier three is 60-89%, tier four is 90-99%, and only the full 100% grants tier five.

Each tier has an associated buff that it grants and reaching higher tiers grants all previous buffs. In fact, the tier five buff is a 30% boost to the effects of tier one to four. To get the most out of these buffs, you want to get the highest blood quality you possibly can. This is easier said than done, as you cannot improve the quality of the blood you currently have.

For example, if you were to drink the blood of a wolf and gain a Creature blood type of 9% quality, drinking the blood of other wolves will not make that number go up. In fact, if you were to drink the blood of a wolf with 6% quality, your quality would reduce to 6%. Your blood quality is determined by the blood you drank most recently.

If you want to get better quality blood, you are going to need to seek out enemies who have it. This makes having high quality, especially the full 100%, incredibly rare. If you come across an enemy with high-quality blood, be sure to drain it from them.

That is everything you need to know about V Rising blood types. For more tips on the game, check out our V Rising Unsullied Hearts guide.

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