Two Point Campus Upgrading Courses: Course Points, Benefits

Two Point Campus Upgrading Courses: Course Points, Benefits
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11th Aug 2022 15:47

In Two Point Campus upgrading courses is one of the main ways you can improve your university and get your hands on more money. You'll definitely want to get your head around course points, and what the benefits to upgrading courses in Two Point Campus are. If that sounds like what you're looking for, make sure to carry on reading for some Two Point Campus upgrading courses tips.

How To Upgrade Courses In Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus Upgrading Courses
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In Two Point Campus upgrading courses is done through the course management centre at the end of each academic year. This will appear as an option you can select at the top of the screen in the summer break, and will allow you to level up your courses to a maximum of four levels. 

Additionally, you will need course points to actually upgrade your classes, which can be obtained in a couple of different ways. The number of course points required to level up increases the more you upgrade your classes, and you will have to decide which courses to favour as you will probably not have enough course points at the end of each year to upgrade them all. 

What Does Upgrading Courses Do In Two Point Campus?

Two Point Campus Upgrading Courses benefits
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The three main benefits to upgrading your courses in Two Point Campus are the following:

  • Increased number of applicants
  • Increased student intake
  • Raised max qualification level


The specific numbers for these vary between courses, but it will always be beneficial to upgrade your classes. 

The most obvious reason to upgrade your classes in Two Point Campus is to increase your income stream, as this will allow you to accept more students into your university, and therefore significantly raise your money raised from tuition. This also has a knock-on effect with things like residential income, as the students need to have someone to stay while they undertake their studies, so you can get more money from that.

Of course, the counterpoint to this is that an increase in students requires an expansion within your university, as you need someone to put these extra people. This usually comes in the form of more classrooms, teachers, and dormitories. You will also need to consider the need for more auxiliary requirements like libraries, assistants, janitors, and toilets, as your current amount might not be enough.

Two Point Campus: How To Get Course Points

Two Point Campus Upgrading Courses course points
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The only way to get your hands on some new Two Points Campus course points is to increase your campus level

The main way to go about doing this is by generally improving and expanding your campus. This can be done by adding more rooms to your campus buildings, adding more staff, and increasing the number of students going to your university. 

While adding items does not directly increase your campus level, it raises the overall attractiveness of your university, which makes your fine institution far more appealing to prospective students on things like open days. 

So, that's all you need to know about the Two Point Campus upgrading courses system, giving you the details, benefits, and information about how to get your hands on some course points. For tips on how to get some more Two Point Campus Kudosh, make sure to check out our handy guide.

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