Two Point Campus Money Making Tips

Two Point Campus Money Making Tips
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Two Point Campus money is at the heart of everything, as it should be in any good management sim, so you're going to want to know how to make lots of it. Making money in Two Point Campus isn't too difficult, but knowing how to maximise your income and not make mistakes when spending is the key to success. So, for all the tips you'll need to manage your Two Point Campus money, and get your hands on as much as possible, make sure to carry on reading.

How To Make Money In Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus Money making tips
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If you're looking to increase the amount of Two Point Campus money in your virtual pockets, then have a look at the following ways you can increase your cash stash in the university management game:

  • Raising course fees (and having more students)
  • Through on-campus business
  • Bookworms
  • Passing inspections
  • Winning at the end-of-year awards
  • Taking out a loan
  • Setting up the Archaeology course


Perhaps the way you will be able to funnel the most cash into your university bank is through tuition and course fees. The more students you have attending your university, the more money you are going to receive from them taking their studies. One of the biggest downsides of relying on this as a money-making tool though is that the expansion of this requires constant investment, which rather offsets the amount of money you are bringing in.

One great thing about having a large number of students is the money you can make off of them while they're stuck on campus. Businesses like food stalls and arcade machines can supplement your income, and having lots of dorms can boost your cash as the students don't really have anywhere else to stay, do they?

Other more passive money-making actions to keep an eye out for when playing are things like inspections - which you'll definitely always want to take on board; bookworms, which can be picked up in the exterior of your campus; and end-of-year awards.

The Archaeology course is a really good way to make potentially big sums of money too, as students are able to dig up various materials and valuable items that can sell for tens of thousands of dollars if you're lucky. You'll want to maximise the space the students have to work in, and heavily incentivise people to take the course by doing things like lowering the course fees, ensuring that as many people as possible are digging you up some easy money.

Finally, loans are another way to get your hands on some quick cash if you really are in a pinch, but it is generally something we recommend avoiding unless you really have it, as it will severely cripple your growth for a surprising length of time. 

Two Point Campus How To Make A Profit

Two Point Campus Money making profit
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While making money in Two Point Campus is all good and well, there's no point in all the effort if you're spending more than you're making back up. While you don't have a huge amount of potential money-losing avenues, it can be very easy to let your spending habits get away from you and end up in the red. 

As mentioned, one of the easiest ways to get yourself in trouble money wise is to take out too many loans when you don't have the means to pay them back. Always evaluate if you really need to take the loan out, because as much as you might think you want that new shiny item or expansion, it is worth waiting a tiny bit longer until you can afford it.

Secondly, in a similar vein, going a bit too mad with your spending on things like beautification and expansion can really drop your bank balance off of a cliff. In some of the more challenging scenarios it can become very difficult to expand without losing too much money, so you really have to keep an eye on your balance and not spend more than you can feasibly make back.

Finally, staff wages are the other main outgoing you will likely have, and there isn't really too much you can do about it beyond being a bit more careful in the hiring process. Always weigh up the cost to performance of prospective hires, and factor wages into potential items like food stands and new classrooms.

So, that's all you should need to know about the Two Point Campus money system, teaching you both how to make money, but also making sure you stay in the black. If you're struggling with the other currency in the game, make sure to have a read of our Two Point Campus Kudosh guide for some helpful tips on obtaining that.

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