Two Point Campus Kudosh: How To Get, Where To Spend

Two Point Campus Kudosh: How To Get, Where To Spend
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10th Aug 2022 12:13

The Two Point Campus Kudosh currency is essential if you're wanting to improve your campus, as it unlocks various items that can be placed in your budding university. You'll have to balance a lot of spinning plates in Two Point Campus, making sure that students are happy and that your campus is attractive, but you'll often find Kudosh at the heart of the solution. So, to find out all about the Two Point Campus Kudosh currency, including how to get and where to spend it, make sure to keep on reading below.

What Is Two Point Campus Kudosh?

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Separate from the traditional dollars you use to purchase specific items you wish to place in your campus, Kudosh is a special, harder-to-come-by currency that allows you to unlock specific pieces to be purchased at any time with dollars.

You might want to use Two Point Campus Kudosh to unlock an item like a rainbow rug, just because you like the look of it, but often it will be for a purpose supplementary to aesthetics. It might allow you to increase the attractiveness of a specific room, or serve as a point of entertainment for your students and faculty alike.

Furthermore, you will often get requests from both students and teachers, asking for specific items to be added to the campus. These often require you to spend your Two Point Campus Kudosh, but will give great benefits in return.

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How To Get Two Point Campus Kudosh

How To Get Two Point Campus Kudosh
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You might be wondering how to actually get your hands on some Two Point Campus Kudosh though, and luckily there are a handful of clear and consistent ways to gain the currency.


Here are the following best ways to get your hands on some Two Point Campus Kudosh:

  • Clicking on Bookworks around the outside of the campus - doesn't give you a huge amount, and sometimes gives you no Kudosh at all, but it is always worth doing
  • Completing Career Goals - make sure to actually claim them though as that is not done automatically
  • Taking on inspections and open days, and then passing them
  • Raising your campus star rating
  • Winning at the end of year awards
  • Researching projects in the Research Lab

A lot of these actions above you will be somewhat passively doing anyway, but its always a good idea to know what you should be looking out for, allowing you to build up your Two Point Campus Kudosh balance naturally.

Where To Spend Two Point Campus Kudosh

How To Spend Two Point Campus Kudosh
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As mentioned, what you'll be spending your hard-earned Two Point Campus Kudosh on is the unlocking of specific items - not the actual placement of them in your campus. You can do this easily through the item browser, with Kudosh requiring items sat underneath those that you have unlocked already. 

Furthermore, if there is a request for an item that you haven't yet unlocked, you can handily spend your Kudosh on it directly from the request screen, saving you the trouble of finding it in the expansive items menu. Do be warned though as it can be very easy to lose track of your spending and leave yourself with a low Kudosh balance that can be quite tricky to build back up again. Try and be a bit more conservative when making vanity purchases, as you should always be thinking of the needs of your students over what you might think looks nice - as tempting as that always is.

So, that's everything you need to know about the Two Point Campus Kudosh currency, giving you the details on how to earn it, and where you will be able to actually spend it. If you've been wondering what the Two Point Campus rotate items button is though, make sure to check out our handy guide.

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