Is Two Point Campus On Game Pass?

Is Two Point Campus On Game Pass?
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Harry Boulton


9th Aug 2022 10:54

If you're excited for Two Point Studios' latest management simulation game, and play on either Xbox or PC, you might be wondering if there is a Two Point Campus Game Pass release. Game Pass is a great way to try out a multitude of different games, so even if you're not usually into management sims, Two Point Campus still might be worth checking out. So, make sure to carry on reading to find out all of the Two Point Campus Game Pass information you'll need below.

Is Two Point Campus On Game Pass?

Is Two Point Campus On Game Pass?
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The great news is that yes, Two Point Campus is coming to Game Pass, so you'll be able to play it absolutely free of charge if you have the subscription based service.

Furthermore, it is coming to both console and PC Game Pass editions simultaneously, so you'll be able to access the game through the service on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via the Xbox app on day one. 


As is it a fully-integrated Game Pass release, you will also have various other benefits like Xbox Play Anywhere, and Xbox Cloud Game Saves attached to the game. This means that you'll be able to pick Two Point Campus up on any Game Pass compatible device, and not worry about all your precious progress getting lost.

Does Two Point Campus Have Cross-Progression?

Two Point Studios cross-progression
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An unfortunate counterpoint to Two Point Studios' new game being on Game Pass is that it unfortunately does not have any form of cross-progression or crossplay. This means that despite having the ability to play on a multitude of different devices all for free, you will have to start a new save if you happen to pick it up on a different platform, which is not ideal if you get too attached to your growing university project.

So, that wraps up all you need to know about the Two Point Campus game pass release, so you'll be ready to put your mortarboard on and start building as soon as the game goes live. If you wondering when exactly you'll be able to get your hands on the game through Game Pass though, make sure to check out our Two Point Campus release time guide for all the information about when the game unlocks.

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