Is Two Point Campus Multiplayer?

Is Two Point Campus Multiplayer?
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Harry Boulton


9th Aug 2022 13:41

You might be wondering what the Two Point Campus multiplayer options are if you've been playing and enjoying the game on your own - after all, double the players means double the fun. Traditionally, management sims have been solely single-player games, but could Two Point Campus introduce a multiplayer element to the genre, allowing a sense of cooperative action? For all the information about the Two Point Campus multiplayer features, make sure to read on below.

Is Two Point Campus Multiplayer?

Is Two Point Campus Multiplayer?
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Unfortunately, there is no form of direct Two Point Campus multiplayer, although that might not tell the whole story. 

While there is, at this current time, no current plans to bring any immediate and direct multiplayer to Two Point Campus in the form of features like cooperative building and management, the game could very well follow in the footsteps of Two Point Studio's previous game.


In Two Point Hospital, players could compare various year-end statistics with their friends, to decide and crown who is the ultimate hospital manager, and it is likely that we see something similar in Two Point Campus. Stats like revenue, student satisfaction, and student population could serve as bragging points against your friends, or as targets to look towards and beat.

Will Multiplayer Come To Two Point Campus?

Will Multiplayer Come To Two Point Campus?
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Outside of any potential statistical tracking and comparisons, it appears as if there are currently no plans to introduce any forms of direct cooperative multiplier into Two Point Campus. Although this might change in the future, it was a feature that never arrived in Two Point Hospital, so it is unlikely that anything will change in the newest title. 

So, that answers Two Point Campus multiplayer questions and gives an indication of the cooperative future of the game. If you're wondering if there is a Two Point Campus Game Pass release though, make sure to check out our guide for all the latest information.

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