How to gain SP fast in FF7 Rebirth

How to gain SP fast in FF7 Rebirth
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29th Feb 2024 13:16

Learning how to gain SP fast will quickly become essential in FF7 Rebirth as you kick off your latest Final Fantasy journey. If you want to unlock more Folios skill cores for your party members to expand your combat options, there are a couple of methods in the game to keep in mind. 

How to gain SP fast in FF7 Rebirth

The only way to gain or farm SP fast in FF7 Rebirth is by buying manuscripts at Moogle Emporiums and levelling up, with the former being far quicker than the latter. 

Once you first begin exploring the Grasslands with Cloud and Co on the way to Oliver's Farm, you'll be able to start fighting monsters out in the open - allowing you to start grinding and earn 5 SP with each level-up. 

However, such a low amount for the time spent makes SP farming fairly slow; so, once you learn how to get & use Moogle Medals, you'll be able to instead buy SP-rich manuscripts from various Moogle Emporiums throughout the game's various regions. 

Buying manuscripts to gain SP fast in FF7 Rebirth
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For example, buying The Art of Swordplay Vol. 1 manuscript will automatically give Cloud 10 SP right away, as shown above - the equivalent gained from spending a long while needing to level up twice.

You can also spend Moogle Medals on other items like Ethers or Emeralds, but you'll definitely want to prioritise the Folio Books if you really want that extra SP to add more Folios to your combat arsenal in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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