The Devil In Me: Press The Button Choices

The Devil In Me: Press The Button Choices
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Kiera Mills


28th Nov 2022 14:49

The Devil In Me is the fourth instalment of the decision-based horror series, The Dark Pictures Anthology. As such, The Devil In Me offers players multiple decisions within high-intensity situations, often with deadly consequences. During your playthrough, you'll be offered the choice of pressing a red button, below we have outlined all occasions this may happen and the outcome of each decision, including the choice between Jamie and Kate in the glass wall scene.

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The Devil In Me Press The Button: Red Button

The Devil In Me: Chapter 20 Red Button
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The first red button you'll encounter in The Devil In Me is presented whilst playing as Jamie and exploring the Spa with Mark and Kate. (Chapter 20: Spa) After being separated from Charlie, and once again separated from Kate when investigating the Spa area. Jamie and Mark will encounter a room containing two mannequins in a cage hooked up to a detonator connected to circular saws, left as an eerie warning of what is to come by the deranged killer.

Attached to the cage is a red button. There is no fatal consequence to pushing the button and you must do so to progress through the locked door in the room. Once the button is pressed the saws will cut into one of the mannequins. Afterwards, the cage will be open and the key to the locked door is on the floor of the cage.

The Devil In Me Press The Button: Mannequin

The Devil In Me: Chapter 23 Red Button
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Whilst playing as Mark, he will fall from a vent into a dungeon area. (Chapter 23: Workshop) As you progress past the operating table and a few hide sequences from the killer, you'll come to a room full of electronics. A mannequin sits in the corner of the room and begs you to press the button next to him.

You're hearing the last words recorded by one of the killer's victims. The recording has been stitched, along with his body parts, to a mannequin.

You can press the button to spark out the electronics and break the recording. Otherwise, you can leave the mannequin alone, there are no repercussions to pressing or leaving the button in this sequence. The killer will not be alerted by the sound of the recording sparking out.

The Devil In Me Press The Button: Save Jamie Or Kate?

The Devil In Me: Chapter 27 Red Button
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In a later sequence, (Chapter 27: Director's Suite) Kate and Jamie will discover the killer's base of operations in the hotel, a room with access to each floor. They will hatch a plan in which Jamie will act as bait whilst Kate tries to seal the killer into a locked hallway. As Jamie and Kate enter a chase sequence they are locked into a room, separated by a glass wall which is moving towards Jamie.

There is a red button on the glass wall with a reverse symbol. If Jamie presses the button to save herself the wall will change direction and crush Kate instead.

There is a way to save both women, it all depends on who has the screwdriver from the earlier segment.

The Devil In Me: Screwdriver choice, Chapter 27
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Whilst the women are discussing the plan to catch the killer, Kate will choose which of the women should have the screwdriver. If Jamie has the screwdriver in her possession, you should allow the wall to advance towards her, do not press the button. Move the mouse or controller away from the button and let the time run out without pressing it.

If Kate has the screwdriver, Jamie should press the button and let it reverse towards Kate.

After the choice has been made the wall will advance and the screen will go black. Once we return to the characters, whoever has the screwdriver has broken the glass and saved themselves.

If you want to save both women and have the best relationship advancement, you should allow Jamie to have the screwdriver and not press the button. This way, she will have saved Kate, improving their relationship overall and no one will die.