How To Save Everyone In The Devil In Me

How To Save Everyone In The Devil In Me
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30th Nov 2022 16:00

The Devil In Me is a horror story with many branching paths and endings, these depend on the decisions you make in the game which determine who may live or die. Players of The Devil In Me will often be faced with a simple decision with far-reaching consequences. If you're aiming to keep everyone alive or kill everyone in your game and want a sneak peek ahead of these major decisions, read here for all life-threatening outcomes.

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The Devil In Me: All Major Choices

The Devil In Me: Kate
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The following choices will be laid out in time order ranging from the earliest decision to the latest, you can follow along with your playthrough to avoid character deaths as they may crop up in your game.

Along with choosing between different scenarios, the game will also throw QTEs at players, to survive these you must react quickly and choose the button prompt within the time window. If these are proving tricky, you can adjust the difficulty options in the settings of the game.

The Devil In Me: Take The Inhaler Or Attack?

The Devil In Me: Inhaler choice
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The first major decision with life-threatening consequences happens whilst playing as Erin in the 'Noises' chapter. After dinner, Erin hears noises from the hallways of the second floor and decides to investigate with her sound equipment. A chase scene shortly follows where Erin gets locked inside a room with a Holmes mannequin. She starts to have an asthma attack whilst she panics.

A stranger comes into the room and offers Erin an inhaler. You can choose to either take the inhaler or attack the person with a piece of her equipment.

If you choose 'Attack' the killer will overpower Erin and murder her. You must choose to take the inhaler to keep Erin alive.

The Devil In Me Erin: Hide Or Run

The Devil In Me Erin: Institute option
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After Erin's asthma attack, she will have a segment exploring the Silver Ash Institute during which she will hear Jamie's voice come from a mannequin, telling her she's in danger. Whichever option you choose as Jamie the control will be switched over to Erin who can choose to either 'Run' or 'Hide'. Choose the option to 'Hide' or Erin will run into the killer and ultimately die.

The Devil In Me Charlie: Lift Grate Or Force Door

The Devil In Me Charlie's choice
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After the Dinner Party (the chapter named 'Ignition') Charlie will be separated from Jamie and end up in the basement area. Whilst exploring the rooms he will encounter a pack of cigarettes on the floor. He will then get trapped in the room as it fills with gas and flames. You have the option to either lift a grate from the floor and hide inside or try to force the door open.

Choose 'Lift Grate', Charlie will fail at first but will be presented with the same options again. Double down on the option to lift the grate and he will survive. At first, the outcome seems dubious, but he will later have a scene coming out of the grate safely.

The Devil In Me: Kill Kate Or Erin?

The Devil In Me: Kill Kate Or Erin?
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Whilst playing as Jamie you'll be forced into choosing between Kate or Erin. Both are trapped in opposite rooms and are slowly losing air. Choose 'Kill Kate' as there is a leak in her room and she will eventually be saved by Mark anyway. Erin, meanwhile, will die.

The Devil In Me: Press The Button

The Devil In Me: Screwdriver choice
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During the Director's Suite chapter Erin and Jamie will hatch a plan to trap the killer. Jamie will offer her screwdriver to Kate who will then choose who gets to keep it. Remember which character has the screwdriver.

As the scene progresses, the plan goes awry, and the killer chases the women into a room with a glass wall partition which is slowly moving towards Jamie. Playing as Jamie you can choose to let the wall crush her and kill her or click the red button on the wall to reverse the direction of the wall and crush Kate instead.

If Jamie has the screwdriver, do not interact with the button, and choose the 'Defiant' option. If Kate has the screwdriver, press the button, and reverse the wall back onto her, choose the 'Apologetic' option.

Whichever character has the screwdriver will be able to break the glass with it as it advances towards them.

The Devil In Me Roof: Flee Or Save Jamie

The Devil In Me Roof sequence
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Beyond the glass wall scene, Jamie and Kate will be chased from the house and end up on the roof. During this sequence, you'll be playing as Kate and will need to successfully perform several QTEs to escape.

Jamie finds herself in the arms of the killer and Kate has the option to either 'Save' or 'Flee'. Choose to 'Save' Jamie or she will be thrown from the roof and killed.

The Devil In Me Barn: Run Or Climb

The Devil In Me Barn: Run Or Climb
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After the roof scene and the following maze in the garden, the women will find themselves running towards a barn with an axe block outside. The killer picks up the axe and chases them to the barn. The following option will not matter if Erin is already dead, if she is alive and with the party, she will tell them to run.

You will have the option to 'Barricade' or Run' barricading the door will give you a few seconds but will not stop the killer from advancing. Next, you will have the option to 'Run' or 'Climb'. Choose the 'Run' option or Erin will die.

The Devil In Me: Trust Charlie

The Devil In Me: Trust Charlie
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During her exploration of the Silver Ash Institute Erin will discover some damning evidence against Charlie. In reality, the killer has created videotapes of Charlie's voice to make it seem as though he is in on the plot to kill the group. Playing as Mark at the homestead, you can choose the 'Afraid' choice and tie up Charlie or choose to trust him with the 'Reassuring' choice.

Pick the 'Reassuring' choice and trust him or Charlie will be tied up and left to the killer's mercy in a later sequence.

The Devil In Me: Kill Or Spare The Dog

The Devil In Me: Connie
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After Mark and Charlie have been reunited and explored the processing warehouse, control will be given to Jamie again. Jamie and Kate are exploring the outer perimeter of the house in a bid to get to the lighthouse, they stumble on a house with an abandoned dog inside. The dog is called Connie and once belonged to the Morellos. Unfortunately, Connie has been injured and the killer is fast approaching.

To save everyone, including Connie, you must pick the 'Anxious' option with the brain icon and tell Kate to hide. This will prompt Jamie to take the dog into another room and hide. When the second option comes up to kill the dog, avoid this.

Whichever option is chosen the killer will always be alerted to the group's presence. By telling Kate to hide first, however, she can sneak up on the killer and cause a disturbance, giving you time to escape as Jamie. Connie will return later in the game to aid the party.

If Jamie asks Kate to help her move the dog instead of hiding, the Killer will find them regardless of if Jamie kills the dog or not and Jamie will get axed through the head.

The Devil In Me: Boat Escape

The Devil In Me: Finale
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In the finale of the game, the film crew must escape the island via boat. The killer follows them, however, and you must succeed in several QTEs to make it out alive. The ultimate goal is to get all of the crew overboard before it crashes. Make sure Jamie goes overboard instead of staying to fight. Kate can stay with Mark to fight the killer; it is best to make her stay if you want her to have the best relationship with Mark.

Ultimately Mark will be the last one to leave the boat, make sure you get his QTE or he will end up dying in the blast.

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