What is Street Fighter 6 Jukebox mode?

What is Street Fighter 6 Jukebox mode?
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19th May 2023 12:40

One big reason why this fighting game series is so successful is because of its music, and thankfully fans can listen to classic songs through the Street Fighter 6 jukebox mode. From what we know so far, it can be accessed during the World Tour and Training modes. We can't wait to listen to "Jazzy N.Y.C." Here's exactly what the Street Fighter 6 Jukebox mode is.

Street Fighter 6 Jukebox mode explained

A Street Fighter 6 Jukebox mode would keep retro fans happy
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Screenshot via Street Fighter's YouTube Channel

During an April 2023 live stream, many fans noticed that there's a Music tab when looking at your phone in the World Tour mode. This has been called the Street Fighter 6 Jukebox mode by the community. 

"The devs state that players will be able to select music from previous games of course as well as build custom playlists of their favorites," according to fighting game website EventHubs after watching a live Q&A live stream with the developers of the game. 

So far, you're only able to play music from past games in the World Tour and Training modes in Street Fighter 6. However, it wouldn't be surprising to see this feature across Arcade and VS modes as well. Tekken 7 lets you customize the music of each stage, so a feature like that in Street Fighter 6 would be wonderful. 

What modes can you play in Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 modes
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Image via Capcom

Unlike the disastrous launch of Street Fighter 5, Capcom has learned from this lesson and includes a variety of modes in Street Fighter 6. There will be the World Tour single-player story, an Arcade mode, traditional VS. modes, and the brand-new Battle Hub. 

The Battle Hub provides online players with a place to hang out at. They can sit at open arcades to set up matches and watch others compete on a big screen. It looks like a great place to chill or get intense and be the very best in the lobby.

Unfortunately, Street Fighter 6 isn't on Game Pass, which would have opened up this fighting game to a larger audience. It's a good thing that this game supports crossplay like Tekken 8. 

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