Stardew Valley Fair: How To Win The Grange Display And Get The Stardrop

Stardew Valley Fair: How To Win The Grange Display And Get The Stardrop
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The Stardew Valley Fair is a festival that takes place on 16 Fall annually. Held in the town square, there is an array of activities to complete in this Stardew Valley occasion. A noteworthy event is the Grange Display in which you will get the chance to display the best crops you've harvested in the year, in return for a prize. To learn what you can get from the Stardew Valley Fair and how to win first place in the Grange Display, read on.

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Stardew Valley Fair Shop

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The currency at the shop is Star Tokens. These can either be bought directly at the token kiosk, or won through playing the games at the various Fair stalls. The player may also win tokens by taking part in the Grange Display. First prize in the display is 1,000 star tokens.

Permanent Stock

One of the rare Stardrops can be purchased here for 2,000 star tokens. The Stardrop is a limited item in the game that can increase the max energy of the player. It will be needed to complete the ultimate perfection quest and score 100% perfection on your playthrough.

Another important item for sale is one of the 8 special Rarecrows, a collectible item in the game.

The other permanent stock items are mostly decoration items, these being the Dried Sunflowers, Fedora and Light Green Rug.

Rotating stock

  • Triple Shot Espresso
  • Pepper Poppers
  • Glowstone Ring
  • Hay x100
  • Mixed Seeds x24

Only one Stardrop per playthrough is on offer at the Fair.

Stardew Valley Fair Grange Display

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To score maximum points in the Grange Display and win 1st prize of 1,000 star tokens, it is important to make sure you present items of the highest quality possible and items that belong to an array of categories. For example, it won’t be enough just to place 9 iridium quality Fish on display as they all belong to the Fish category.

For best results, try to have at least 6 items belonging to unique categories, the categories are;

  • Animal Products (Milk, Goat Milk, Eggs, Rabbit Foot, Duck Feather etc.)
  • Artisan Goods (Wine, Beer, Truffle Oil, Preserves, Cheese, Mayonnaise etc.)
  • Cooking (This includes the Oil of Garlic and Triple Shot Espresso recipes.)
  • Fish
  • Foraging (this includes Flowers and Sap as well as Mushrooms and Vegetable Forage goods)
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Minerals (including the most expensive mineral, the Prismatic Shard)

If you have options to choose from for example, two different iridium quality vegetables, always choose the item worth the most amount of gold as you will get bonus points for expensive items used.

Remember to empty the grange box after Mayor Lewis announces the winner, or you will not receive your items back.

Stardew Valley Fair: Tips for Better Quality Items

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To get iridium quality fruit the fruit trees will have to be three years old. The fruit trees produce silver quality fruit after the first year, gold after the second and iridium after the third.

Access to Deluxe Fertiliser is needed to grow higher quality vegetables, it can also be used when growing wild seeds to create higher quality forage items.

Improving your fishing skill and simply practising is the key to obtaining iridium quality fish. If you catch one without the green bar on the fishing mini game slipping off the fish, you will receive a prefect score and the quality of the fish will be improved.

Animal products will increase in quality if a good relationship is maintained with the animals, (this means feeding and petting them everyday unless you have an Auto Feeder and Auto Petter in the coops).


Stardew Valley Fair Games

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The games all follow a carnival theme, and offer the player the chance to win more star tokens to spend. (Star tokens are only spendable at this event, when it is over the player’s wallet will return to normal).

The strength game is a timed bar that stops upon release of the player’s pickaxe. If you manage to time it right and get the top of the bar, the strong man will award you with 1 star token.

There is an exchange booth where you can purchase the amount of star tokens you want, if you wish to fast track your way to the Stardrop.

There is also a fishing game, if you have a high fishing skill and are practised enough, it’s an easy way to obtain extra Star Tokens. There is also a mystic hut where the oracle will read your fortune for you and a slingshot game that will award you for shooting moving targets with your slingshot.

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If you wish to earn tokens quickly, the Spinning Wheel game is a good way to do this. The wheel has a 75% chance to land on green and a 25% chance to land on orange. Due to this probability, it is recommended to always bet on green, but bet two thirds of your original pool of star tokens, so that in the event it does land on orange you can easily make up your earnings again.

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Stardew Valley Fair: Hidden Reward

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Other than winning the Grange Display or buying tokens outright, there is another way to achieve tokens quickly.

If you haven’t completed the mayor’s ‘Missing Shorts’ quest yet you can place the mayor’s pants on the Grange Display instead.

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Obtain the pants by achieving 2 hearts with Marnie first, this will grant you access to her bedroom where the pants are located. Pick them up and when the time to fill your grange box comes, place them inside.

The mayor will get embarrassed and award you 750 star tokens to ‘keep quiet’ about the matter.

Remember to empty the box after and you can keep the pants for future festivals or return them to the mayor if you wish.

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