Can you play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on Steam Deck?

Can you play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on Steam Deck?
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2nd Jun 2023 11:36

The question "is Jedi: Survivor playable on Steam Deck" has been one that's likely featured on the minds of many players since the Fallen Order sequel released on console and PC platforms in April of 2023. 

Below, we'll be getting into the answer in this Jedi: Survivor Steam Deck guide, and not only will we be covering the initial issues around compatibility for the system, but the developments that have come about since then as well.  

So, keep reading for all the details we know about Steam Deck functionality for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on Steam Deck?

Cover art for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which is currently not on Steam Deck as it has no dedicated device support
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As clarified on EA's FAQ page and as seen on the game's Steam page, whilst Star Wars Jedi: Survivor isn't officially supported on Valve's handheld system - the game is still playable on Steam Deck

However, Jedi: Survivor has suffered issues on Steam Deck since its release that mirror those experienced by players on fully-fledged PCs. These have included not just regular crashes, but bugs and framerate drops on even high-end systems as well.

So, these issues were even more abundant on the lower-spec Steam Deck when trying to handle the Jedi: Survivor port.

Jedi: Survivor improvements from SteamOS 3.4.8

The Steam Deck handheld, a system which you can play Jedi: Survivor on
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Whilst Star Wars Jedi: Survivor still isn't officially Steam Deck-supported, the recent Steam Deck SteamOS 3.4.8 which launched on Wednesday, 31 May 2023, has improved the gameplay experience for those who still want to try playing the game on the system. 

According to the brief patch notes, the dedicated improvement to the game is described as "updated the graphics driver with performance improvements for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor". 

Essentially, this implies improved overall stability for the game on Steam Deck. According to RetroResolve, the update has done exactly that - saying that whilst it's still not perfect and not providing a smooth 30FPS, the framerate is now mostly sitting between a more stable 26 and 31 frames-per-second

So, it still sounds like being able to properly play Jedi: Survivor on Steam Deck has a long way to go before it achieves an official "supported" compatibility rating, especially considering the games' high system requirements.

Nevertheless, for those who are too keen to wait, this Star Wars title is at least playable on the portable gaming computer to some degree.

That's everything there is to know about whether Jedi: Survivor is playable on Steam Deck. For even more Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon. 

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