Star Wars Eclipse: Trailer & everything we know

Star Wars Eclipse: Trailer & everything we know
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5th Jul 2023 13:11

There are going to be many Star Wars games releasing over the next several years, and with Star Wars Eclipse catching the interest of tonnes of fans, we've got all you need to know about it below.

While we don't know much at all about the game so far - with a CGI trailer being the only official look at it - it does contain some information for Star Wars Eclipse, with hints that long-time fans of the franchise will undoubtedly find interesting.

So, while it seems it may still be a while away (or should we say, in a galaxy far, far away), keep reading to find out all we know about Star Wars Eclipse.

Star Wars Eclipse trailer

So far, we have only seen a cinematic trailer that was used to announce Star Wars Eclipse during The Game Awards back in 2021. It contained a litany of different shots and took on quite a serious and dark tone that much Star Wars media tends to shy from. 

It highlighted a lot of warfare, with space battles and armies mobilising throughout, and even a scene of two Jedi battling it out. Plenty of planets were shown off too, from backwater desert worlds to Coruscant, which even featured us a shot of what appears to be a younger Yoda (or a member of his species).

Much of it is a vague spectacle, but Star Wars lore historians could likely glean a lot of obscure information from what we've seen.

What else do we know about Star Wars Eclipse?

a screen shot of the Star Wars Eclipse trailer
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There are no gameplay details for Star Wars Eclipse currently, but based on some previous leaks and information presented after Star Wars Eclipse's reveal, we do know some things about the gameplay and story that will be present.

It will take place in the High Republic era, which is set before the events of the Skywalker Saga, when the Jedi were at the height of their power and the Sith were very much under the radar. 

Based on a shot from the trailer, it appears that Yoda or a member of his species will also be present, but considering that by the events of the original trilogy, he is over 900 years old, it doesn't help to specify which year Eclipse will take place in.

The Star Wars website tells us a little more about how the game is set to play out: "Star Wars Eclipse will be an intricately branching action-adventure game that can be experienced in multiple ways, putting the destinies of an array of playable characters in your hands.

"Your choices will be at the heart of the experience, as every decision can have a dramatic impact on the course of the story. Through these decisions, players will forge their own legend in the golden age of the Jedi."

Based on this and the official game website, we know it will have a large focus on the narrative, featuring a branching storyline and an ensemble cast of characters with their own "morality, personality, motivations, and impact upon each other and the story at large."

So that's everything we currently know about Star Wars Eclipse. As we learn more details we'll update you accordingly, so make sure to check back soon! For more guides and news on everything Star Wars, our Star Wars homepage has everything you're looking for. 

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