Where to get Rope in Sons of the Forest

Where to get Rope in Sons of the Forest
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23rd Feb 2024 10:21

If you're playing Sons of the Forest, then you're likely wondering where to get Rope. After you crash land on the island in Sons of the Forest, your survival relies on crafting shelters and gear.

However, to craft some of the more exciting things in the game, you'll need to find yourself some Rope. So, keep reading to learn where to find as well as how you can use the item. 

Where to find Rope in Sons of the Forest 

Rope in Sons of the Forest
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Frustratingly, Rope is not something that can be crafted in Sons of the Forest. Instead, you'll need to look around the island for places where it spawns naturally.

Thankfully, there are a few spots where Rope is almost guaranteed to appear:

  • Beaches
  • Caves
  • Cliffs
  • Cannibal Camps

Since you will have likely started your playthrough near a beach, looking there is your best bet in the early game. Simply open up the variety of suitcases strewn across the sand and hope that one of them has the desired Rope inside.

As you progress through your playthrough, you'll eventually be able to enter caves and enemy camps. These are far more dangerous as the Cannibals will try and defend their territory, so ensure that you're geared up before heading here.

What's Rope used for?

There are actually two different types of Rope in Sons of the Forest, and they have very different uses.

Firstly, traditional Rope is used for the vast majority of crafting recipes, allowing you to build treetop bases, traps, and bows.

If you combine Rope with a Grappling Hook, then you will create a Zipline Rope. This can also be found as an item in the wild, but it can only be used with the Zipline Gun to create (you guessed it) Ziplines.

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