Signalis Planet Puzzle: How To Solve The Astrolabe Puzzle

Signalis Planet Puzzle: How To Solve The Astrolabe Puzzle
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8th Nov 2022 18:07

Signalis planet puzzle is an astrological puzzle that is much simpler than it first appears. Signalis holds true to the tradition of brain-bending puzzles in survival horror games. The planet puzzle challenges you to study some planetary positions. Here is what you need to know to solve the Signalis planet puzzle.

Signalis Planet Puzzle: What You Will Need

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If you are working on this puzzle, it stands to reason that you have completed everything up until this point. If you have everything you need for the puzzle, skip to the next section. Just to be sure, here are the specific steps you need to complete in order to attempt and solve this puzzle. Firstly, you'll need the Hummingbird key from the Island Painting. Use this to enter the KLBR Study on floor B8 - Controller Accommodations. Enter the study and grab the Eagle Key. Then, move further into the KLBR Bedroom. Here, a lot of enemies will attack you, while radio frequencies appear on your screen. You need to enter those frequencies into your radio to defeat the enemies. Once done, grab the Postbox Key and head for the sixth floor.

On B6 there is a series of red post boxes. Use the Postbox Key here to open one of them, and find the Library Key. Now return to B8 and enter the library. Inside, you will have to complete a puzzle. You must move the grabber around the machine, but it moves in such a way that it keeps going until it comes to an obstacle. Your objective is the black and red book near the top right. This puzzle is easily solved with trial and error, but if you want the full solution, from the beginning go right, up, left, up, left, down, left, down, right, down, right, down, right, up, right, up. Complete the puzzle to get the King in Yellow, and the astrolabe hidden inside the book.

Signalis Planet Puzzle: How To Solve

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Now we have everything we need, we can tackle the puzzle. The puzzle is in the ADLR Study on B8, but first, we need to head to the room with the star map, south of the library. Go there and you can view the map of the planets. The puzzle requires us to recreate the positions of the planets, so it would be a good idea to grab a screenshot or a picture of them. Specifically with Heimat, the outer planet with a cross-shaped icon, at the most northern point of the map.

Now head to B6 and the ADLR Bedroom. Use the Eagle Key to open the door to the ADLR Study, where the puzzle is found. Use the Astrolabe with the box to activate the puzzle. You will be presented with a diagram of the planets, with three rings you can rotate. The outer ring is Rotfront, the largest planet. The middle ring with two lines represents the twin planets Kitezh and Vineta. Finally, the inner ring is for the planet closest to the central star, Buyan. Above the rings, you will see the cross-shape that represents Heimat. You need to rotate the rings to put the planets in their correct positions.

Simply put, you need to turn the outer ring so the largest planet is in the southwest, the middle ring with the twin planets points northwest, and the inner ring with the closest planet is southeast of the star. Line the rings up like this to solve the puzzle, open the box, and receive the Administrator's Key.

That is it for the Signalis planet puzzle, for more tips on the game check out our Signalis Nowhere door codes guide.

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