Find out how long it takes to beat Season

Find out how long it takes to beat Season
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Harry Boulton


1st Feb 2023 17:28

While Season is a narrative-focused title on the shorter end of things, games are often extremely long so it is good to know how much time you should expect to invest.

As a gorgeous cosy title, you're bound to want to spend as much time as possible immersing yourself in the game and the delicate world that's been built.

How long is Season?

While Season is generally a linear title that moves in a straight line with the narrative, it does have moments that open up for you to explore. There are set objectives within these moments that you must complete, but also plenty of other things to see that you can otherwise miss.

Therefore, the game does have a bit of a range when it comes to completion times, with most completion times falling within the 6-12 hours range. You could obviously spend more time if you're a keen photographer, and conversely, get it done much quicker if you're efficient, but that is roughly how long it'll take to beat Season.

How Long To Beat Season
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Does Season have New Game Plus?

Does Season Have New Game Plus?
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At this current time, there is no new game plus mode available for Season. It will be unlikely that such a mode will make its way to the game in the future as it is both a linear narrative and also there are no collectables or upgrades to carry over.

It would be nice to have the ability to play it through again and fill out any scrapbook pages that you might have missed or want to redo, but unfortunately at the moment, your best course of action is to start a new game. At least the game isn't too long!

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