Scorn Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay, And Platforms

Scorn Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay, And Platforms
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Tarran Stockton


29th Sep 2022 17:52

Since its initial unveiling in 2014, Scorn has consistently been one of the most interesting and promising looking video games, and with a release date just over the horizon, we are close to finally exploring its grotesquely unnerving world. There's still a lot of mystery surrounding Scorn, with developers Ebb Software purposefully showing as little as possible leading up to release, however we're here to shown you everything you need to know before launch. So check out our breakdown of the Scorn release date, trailers, gameplay, and platforms. 

Scorn Release Date

Scorn is set to release on October 14, which is roughly two weeks away as of writing this. Apart from a short time when it was set for a 2017 release, the release date was unannounced for many years, before finally being confirmed for September 21. To the surprise of many, the game was pushed forward to October 14 on September 29, suggesting the developers are confident in the final product. 


Scorn Trailers

The first real look anyone got at Scorn wasn't even from a trailer, but from some pre-alpha footage the developers uploaded to YouTube back November 2014. It mostly consisted of shots of the creepy environments, with some short first-person sections where the protagonist walks down a hall or interacts with a lever. 

The next footage of Scorn didn't come for another two years, when a three-minute teaser trailer was shown. This trailer was mostly the same, but it highlighted more polished-looking areas, more of the disgusting organic design, and even some characters. Or they might be enemies, we can't be too sure. 

Since then, we've been privileged to more gameplay footage that's shown off more of what the game is about, with puzzles, exploration, and some combat. Most of the footage has still kept a lot of the game's mystery, but the entire prologue was recently revealed, giving players a small taste of the beginning to see if the game is for them. 

Scorn Gameplay

Scorn is a first-person survival horror adventure game, where you control a humanoid lost on a strange and nightmarish alien planet populated by strange structures made from machines, flesh, and bone. Many of the game's visuals are inspired by the works of H.R. Giger and Zszislaw Beksinski, who were known for creating surreal imagery with a focus on biomechanical and techno-organic aesthetics.

scorn gameplay
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The player will explore various interconnected regions in a non-linear fashion to try and learn more about the world and why you find yourself here. You can use weapons on your journey to fight off enemies, but resources are scarce, so sometimes it's better to run, hide, or explore elsewhere. It also has a focus on puzzles and environmental interaction, with many recent previews suggesting it's more of a puzzle game than anything else.

Scorn Platforms

Scorn will receive a limited platform release, dropping on the Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms. It's still unknown if the game will release on other platforms, but Scorn is currently a timed console exclusive, so it could come to PlayStation down the line. 

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