Rogue Legacy 2 Relics: How To Best Use Relics

Rogue Legacy 2 Relics: How To Best Use Relics
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27th Apr 2022 17:43

Rogue Legacy Relics are items that can drastically alter how you play the game. Rogue Legacy 2 is all about the ways each run through the game can be different, and Relics play a big part in that. Many characters will start with Relics, but more can be discovered while exploring the Kingdom. To learn more, read on through our Rogue Legacy 2 Relics guide.

Rogue Legacy 2 Relics: What Do They Do

Rogue Legacy 2 Relics: What do they do
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Honestly, it might be easier to tell you what Relics don’t do. There are more than 60 Relics in the game, and each one tweaks the game in some way. Let’s just pick a few at random and describe them. First, we have Corrupting Reagent, which states that after three dashes, your next dash will leave behind a poisonous cloud. Ivy Roots grant the player a 12.5% damage bonus while standing on the ground. Hector’s Helm grants a 20% buff to weapon and spell damage while under 50% health. All Relics have effects as varied as these, not all are equally useful but many are and can really improve your character.

There is a cost to using Relics, and we are not talking about Gold. Equipping Relics consumes your Resolve. Resolve is a statistic of your character, and it can be seen in the top left corner of the screen. It is represented with a percentage, and how it works is each Relic has a percentage cost to equip that will be deducted from your Resolve. If your Resolve drops below 100%, your maximum health will be reduced. This is the cost you need to weigh up when taking a Relic. You can increase your Resolve and reduce the cost of using Relics with upgrades at your castle.


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Rogue Legacy 2 Relics: Where To Get Them

Rogue Legacy 2 Relics: Where to get them
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There are two ways to equip Relics in the game. As stated above, some of your characters will start out with Relics equipped. You will see this in their stat screen before choosing the character. The second source of Relics is out in the wild. While exploring the Kingdom you will occasionally stumble upon an Arcane Chamber. Here, you will find two Relics on offer, you can choose one of these to keep. It will immediately take effect, and you will use the amount of Resolve that the Relic states.

Something to be aware of, if you have not previously equipped a Relic, the game will not tell you exactly what it does. Approach a Relic you haven’t used before, and you will get nothing but question marks where the description should be. All you will get is the name, the cost, and a vague description of what it might do. Once you have equipped a Relic, you will get to see exactly what it does every time it comes up again, so it is worth picking up unknown Relics to add their details to your game. Relics can be powerful and it is a good idea to get used to using them, as you never know which powerful Relic may show up in a future run.

That is everything there is to know about Rogue Legacy 2 Relics. For more on the game, why not check out our Rogue Legacy 2 review to learn what we thought of the finished game.


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