Rocket Racing Ranked, Unreal Leaderboard & rewards explained

Rocket Racing Ranked, Unreal Leaderboard & rewards explained
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8th Dec 2023 15:10


Two worlds have collided as Epic Games' starcrossed lovers Fortnite and Rocket League have combined to make a lovechild named Rocket Racing

The Rocket League spin-off game, made within Fortnite, brings together the best of both worlds, but the ante is doubled down when it comes to Rocket Racing Ranked and the global Unreal Leaderboards.

So, as your engines begin to rev, here's all you need to know about Rocket Racing Ranked, the Unreal Leaderboard, and how to earn rewards in multiple games.

What is Rocket Racing Ranked?

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Launching on day one of Rocket Racing will be Ranked, where players will be able to push their skills to the test almost immediately. 

Ranked will start in Season Zero, and each Season will have its own Ranked split, where all progress will be wiped and started again.

Rocket Racing Ranked will have opportunities for players to get their hands on Seasonal rewards to flex over their opponents and friends, and there will be ample opportunity to climb the ladder as you grind for each placement position.

Rocket Racing Ranked maps

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Rocket Racing will launch with a total of 26 maps, but not every map will be available for Ranked players in every division (casual party play allows for all map selections, but Ranked will only allow the harder map designs to be played in higher divisions).

There will be nine Novice tracks, seven Advanced tracks, and 10 Expert tracks, but the latter selections will only open to you in Ranked when you hit Diamond.

Of course, you can practice on all tracks in Unranked, which could prove quite a neat trick for you and your party.

Unlike in Unranked, you will not be able to choose your track in Rocket Racing Ranked though, as the game will randomly assign you a map before each race.

Rocket Racing Ranks and Divisions explained

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Rocket League players will be quite familiar with Ranked, given that the majority of players play soccar in competitive playlists. Fortnite fans, less so, but there still might be some Build demons who are competent enough to climb the ladder.

In Rocket Racing Ranked, the ranks and divisions are quite similar to Rocket League. 

There are a total of eight ranks, ranging from Bronze to Unreal. The first five ranks (Bronze - Diamond) will also have three divisions to move through, like in RL.

The final three ranks stand on their own with only one division to progress through, and there's also a neat surprise when you hit Unreal.

The Rocket Racing Ranked ranks and divisions are as follows:

  • Bronze
    • Bronze I
    • Bronze II
    • Bronze III
  • Silver
    • Silver I
    • Silver II
    • Silver III
  • Gold
    • Gold I
    • Gold II
    • Gold III
  • Platinum
    • Platinum I
    • Platinum II
    • Platinum III
  • Diamond
    • Diamond I
    • Diamond II
    • Diamond III
  • Elite
  • Champion
  • Unreal

As mentioned above, the journey doesn't stop at Unreal, and you'll find yourself on a global leaderboard where you can see who the best players in the world are.

Rocket Ranked Unreal Leaderboard Explained

Once you hit Unreal in Rocket Racing Ranked, you will be placed on a global Unreal Leaderboard where you will be assigned a number reflective of your position on the rankings.

You will continue to gain points and MMR through races and move up the Leaderboards and find yourself racing a separate race on the ladder against the best players in the world to see who can hold onto the top spot come the end of each Season. 

In Rocket League, these leaderboards have become increasingly popular and a great way of scouting fresh talent and finding friends to queue with, which escalates the stakes if you're partying with similarly-placed racers.

Rocket Racing Ranked is available to find within Fortnite, so go and grab your racing gear, it's lights out, all out. Make sure you check out the new LEGO mode as well, with our guides on how to upgrade your village and invite NPCs to live there.

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