Every Protect & Serve crime location in Robocop: Rogue City

Every Protect & Serve crime location in Robocop: Rogue City
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3rd Nov 2023 15:49


As you progress through the story of RoboCop: Rogue City, you'll find three occasions where you're free to explore a small section of the streets of Old Detroit. While it's always the same section of the city, when you’re there, you'll find a few different Protect and Serve missions. 

These sections will only show up three times in the game, and once you leave, you can’t go back and redo it without reloading a save. These tiny Protect and Serve missions range from giving out parking tickets to pulling up graffiti artists for vandalising.

Below you'll find each section of the map and the crime that is being committed there - and some of the Protect and Serve crimes are a little harder to find than others.

RoboCop: Rogue City Protect & Serve locations

Map 1

All protect and serve locations in map 1 of RoboCop
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The first batch of Protect and Serve missions are relatively easy to find, but the last few can be somewhat of a pain.

With the parking tickets especially, make sure you scan as you explore and look for any green question marks on your HUD. 

Here are all of the Protect & Serve crimes present in this section of the map:

  • Parking ticket for an expired meter 
  • Hazardous oil spill 
  • Protect homeless man from being harassed 
  • Prevent trash from being thrown into the river
  • Parking ticket for blocking a fire hydrant 
  • Drinking in public

Map 2

RoboCop protect and serve map 2 locations
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When you first enter this section after you speak to the Old Man, you will be near the petrol station - so you can tick the 'man smoking near a petrol station one' pretty quickly.

Once again, this section is very simple, as it's just a case of keeping an eye out for cars committing parking violations and remembering to scan as you pass anything that looks suspicious. 

The missions available in Map 2 are as follows:

  • Ticket for blocking a fire hydrant 
  • Parking where in a private area 
  • Man littering 
  • Man using the fountain to clean himself 
  • Man smoking near a petrol station 
  • Person destroying the mayoral campaign posters

Map 3

RoboCop protect and serve locations map 3
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Lastly, Section 3 is the smallest of the open sections in RoboCop: Rogue City with only three Protect & Serve crimes. We have seen all of these crimes before, too, so you shouldn’t have too many issues finding them.

For an added bonus, when you first arrive in the area, the parking ticket you need to dish out is right in front of you - so that's a nice and easy one to check off of your list.

All crimes on this map are as follows:

  • Parking ticket for blocking a fire hydrant 
  • Hazardous oil spill 
  • Public drinking

With that, that's all you need to know about completing the Protect and Serve missions in RoboCop: Rogue City. None of them really offer much of a challenge, but some are more awkward to find than others.

If you need some help with interrogating Soot or finding Spike’s bike we also have you covered. For more handy tips with games, check out our guides homepage

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