Red Bull Contested Fortnite event details

Red Bull Contested Fortnite event details
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Jack Marsh


23rd Mar 2023 09:00

Having already showcased an array of top-tier esports events in other games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and VALORANT, Red Bull is bringing the best Fortnite players on the planet together to the UK, as they have announced a brand-new LAN event: Red Bull Contested: Fortnite

The colossal tournament organizers have pulled out their Heavy Sniper and are aiming down the sights toward Epic Games' Mega City, just as Fortnite ramps up its content again in the new Season.

So, with great hype, here's all you need to know about the Red Bull Contested: Fortnite LAN event, including its format, location, prize pool, and talent.

Where will Red Bull Contested: Fortnite 2023 take place?

Red Bull is bringing Fortnite to the United Kingdom. Having been quite the flag-flyer for UK esports, they've pioneered events in London and Manchester recently, however, this time we're going further north.

Grab your kilts and bagpipes folks, as Red Bull Contested: Fortnite is coming to Edinburgh. 

The event will be taking place at Edinburgh's iconic McEwan Hall, where 100 players will be dropping in in front of a live crowd of up to 1,100 fans.

Red Bull Contested: Fortnite 2023 Tickets

McEwan Hall is set to host the fans as they watch 100 of their favorite players parachute down and contest their favorite spots. 

Tickets will be going on sale to the public as of April 10 and can be found at (the page will not be live until April 10).

Red Bull Contested: Fortnite 2023 Players

The Red Bull Contested format will allow Fortnite players around Europe to qualify for the event through Wild Card spots, however, the bulk of players will be invited from Red Bull themselves.

The list of announced players so far is as follows:

  • Martin "MrSavage" Foss Andersen 
  • Harry "Veno" Pearson 
  • Thomas "Th0masHD" Høxbro Davidsen 
  • Jaden "Wolfiez" Ashman 
  • Zachariah "Pinq" Siddall  
  • Jackson “Eomzo” Fretz 
  • Reuben "Nebs" Belisle 
  • Aleksa "Queasy" Cvetkovic 
  • Alexandre "Andilex" Christophe  
  • Sebastian "Trippernn" Sommer Kjaer  

The open qualifiers will take place on May 20 and 21, although it's not yet been announced how many spots will be up for grabs. 

Red Bull Contested: Fortnite 2023 Format

Red Bull likes to shake up the rules when it comes to their exclusive events, and Contested will follow suit, with a slightly adapted version of the standard battle royale experience.

First and foremost though, Red Bull Contested will be a 100-player Solo LAN, where the building will be activated.

The solo format will see eight rounds of play, but aggression will be rewarded when it comes to the latter stage of the competition. 

The last four rounds will have double points for eliminations, making kills much more valuable than the final placements. The player with the most points after the eighth round will be crowned champion.

Red Bull Contested: Fortnite 2023 Prize Pool

There has yet to be a prize pool announced for the Red Bull Contested event, or how it will be distributed, but we will update this page following any updates.

So, Europe, have you got the gunny to conquer everything that Fortnite has to offer? Red Bull Contested might just be your calling...

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