Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 patch notes: Grim rework, Operator changes & Operation Dread Factor

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 patch notes: Grim rework, Operator changes & Operation Dread Factor
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14th May 2023 20:00


Rainbow Six Siege embraces the idea of a live service with regular updates, and that means with Operation Dread Factor coming, it's time for the Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 patch notes.

While Fenrir has been added, plenty of other Operators are getting an overhaul to add the Observation Blocker to their generic gadgets. Has your main been affected? Read our breakdown of the Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 patch notes below to find out what's new in the game's second update of the year.

Operator Balancing in Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 patch notes

Grim rework

  • Added Baliff as a secondary weapon.
  • Added Hard Breach Charge.
  • Launcher: Reduced equip time to 1s (from 1.1).
  • Launcher: Increased rate of fire to 70 rpm (from 40).
  • Projectile: Activation time reduced to 0.4s (from 1).
  • Projectile: Vulnerable to bullets, laser, and melee damage.
  • Area: Duration increased to 16s (from 8).
  • Area: Radius increased to 4.6m (from 3.6).
  • Area: Detection system changed to body (from head).
  • Decay: Reduced duration to 4s (from 9).
  • Decay: Time between pings normalized to 1s (from 1/3/9).


  • Removed Impact Grenades and Nitro Cell.
  • Added Barbed Wire and Bulletproof Camera.
  • Kona Station: Healing per shot reduced to 20hp (from 30).
  • Kona Station: Cooldown reduced to 15s (from 35).


  • Removed Nitro Cell and replaced with Bulletproof Camera.
  • Added Impact Grenades.


  • Nitro Cell set as first gadget slot.
  • Removed Barbed Wire and replaced with Deployable Shield.
  • Added Observation Blocker.


  • Removed Deployable Shield. and replaced with Observation Blocker.
  • Removed Impact Grenades and replaced with Proximity Alarm.


  • Removed Barbed Wire and replaced with Observation Blocker.


  • Added Proximity Alarm


  • Added Deployable Shield


  • Added Observation Blocker


  • Added Observation Blocker


  • Added Observation Blocker


  • Added Observation Blocker


  • Added Observation Blocker


  • Added Observation Blocker


Removed Deployable Shield and replaced with Proximity Alarm

Quality of life improvements in Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 patch notes

Player Comfort

  • Reputation Penalty UI Update
    • Activation banner for Reputation Penalty now triggers first round instead of
    • every round.
    • The active warning banner is renamed from WARNINGS to PENALTIES. The
    • label disappears shortly after the round begins but the icons of active penalties will remain for the entire duration.
    • When a player returns to the home section even during matchmaking, pop-ups will appear. If the player exits the game without seeing the pop-up, it will appear on game launch.

Game Health

  • Top of the Ladder Improvement
    • Ranking up through Emerald, Diamond, and Champion now has steeper requirements.

Playlist Update

  • Added the new Consulate map rework to all playlists.

Unbannable Map

  • Consulate map can't be banned for the whole season.

Unbannable Operator

  • Fenrir can't be banned in the Ranked and Unraked playlists for the first two weeks after the release.

Feature update in Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 patch notes

  • Audio Input/Output Device Selection
    • Lets players select the audio input and output device via Options menu.

For more on Rainbow Six Siege, check out our developer interview about what the next ten years holds.

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