Rainbow Six Siege Tubarao Operator guide & all gadget, weapons, synergies & counters for Y8S4

Rainbow Six Siege Tubarao Operator guide & all gadget, weapons, synergies & counters for Y8S4

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Lloyd Coombes


12th Nov 2023 19:30

If you've ever wanted to freeze enemy gadgets during a Rainbow Six Siege match, then Tubarão, arriving in Operation Deep Freeze, might just be the Operator for you.

This new Defender joining the roster for Y8S4 closes out 2023's additions with a bang, utilising a cryogenic canister that can affect electrical and mechanical gadgets - and his weapons aren't half bad, either.

Here's how to get the most out of Tubarao in Rainbow Six Siege. 

Who is Tubarao in Rainbow Six Siege?

Tubarao hails from Portugal, and his design was inspired by aquatic gear worn by special forces, with strong shoulders from lots of swimming.

He is a 2-health, 2-speed Defender, and he's joining the Wolfguard faction in-game. 

Tubarao's gadget and loadout

Rainbow Six Siege Deep Freeze Key Art showing the Cryogenic grenade
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Tubarao's primary gadget is the cryogenic canister, which is, in layman's terms, an ice grenade or freeze bomb.

When thrown, the chemicals inside the device mix to create an icy cloud that can freeze both electrical and mechanical gadgets alike - something Ubisoft explained is unique among Siege's roster, and means it can work on things like Ram's BU-GI drone.

It can attach to walls and ceilings, too, helping negate breaching gadgets.

Operators caught in the gadget's vicinity have their vision obscured and move more slowly, while also leaving icy footprints for a few seconds.

Tubarao's loadout in Rainbow Six Siege is as follows:

  • Primary weapon: MPX SMG/AR 15.20 DMR
  • Secondary weapon: P226 MK25 pistol
  • Generic gadgets: Nitro Cell/Proximity Alarm

Tubarao's synergies in Rainbow Six Siege

Tubarao pairs nicely with other Operators focused on gadget denial, including Bandit, Kaid, or Mute. Lining up his gadget, with others, can frustrate the opposition, forcing them to rotate into sightlines they're not prepared for, or simply eating up more valuable seconds of a round.

How to counter Tubarao

Tubarao is a versatile Defender, but he does have a few counters: Maverick's hard-breaching blowtorch is ideal for getting behind him since it's harder to simply freeze than a breaching charge, while Zofia's explosive charge can destroy the canister. 

Twitch and Zero are also able to disable the canister with their own gadgets.

Rainbow Six Siege Tubarao Tips

Rainbow Six Siege Cryo Grenade key art
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Ubisoft envisaged Tubarao as both an anchor, and as a roaming defender, and his weapon choices make that clear and allow for two distinct playstyles.

For playing as an anchor, the nitro cell and DMR combo, paired with his ability to nullify many of the game's gadgets, will make him a challenging opponent - during a hands-on playtest, I've found it's possible to lock down a room's breaching opportunities, funnelling them into the scope of the DMR.

For roamers, there's a lot of fun to be had from using his gadget to identify enemy footprints and then hunting them with the MPX.

That's all we know about Tubarao, in Operation Deep Freeze of Rainbow Six Siege. For more, check out our Year 8 roadmap guide and our developer interview about the next ten years of Siege.

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