Rainbow Six Siege ranking system explained: All ranks listed

Rainbow Six Siege ranking system explained: All ranks listed
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Ben Williams


1st May 2023 12:38

You may need an explanation of the R6S ranking system, along with a list of all ranks, so you know exactly how the game's competitive mode structure works. 

Rainbow Six Siege has been out for over seven years now. During that time, many players have had frequent opportunities to climb up the game's various ranks for competitive matches.

However, if you are one of the newer players, or you're just looking for a refresher, you'll want to check out the R6S ranking system explained, along with all ranks listed.

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What is the highest rank in Rainbow Six Siege?

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Rainbow Six Siege has seven rankings altogether, but some have their own tiers for twenty-three in total. The main seven ranks are as follows:

  • Copper (tiers 1-5)
  • Bronze (tiers 1-5)
  • Silver tiers (1-5)
  • Gold (tiers 1-5)
  • Platinum (tiers 1-5) 
  • Diamond (tiers 1-5) 
  • Champions

The highest rank in Rainbow Six Siege is the Champions rank. However, achieving this esteemed twenty-third rank takes a lot of time, effort, and skill. To get your MMR (Match Making Rating) to that of a Champions level, you'll need to win plenty of matches against highly skilled Rainbow Six Siege players.

Rainbow Six Siege ranking system explained

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Ranked is a competitive game mode in R6S that players can access after reaching level 50. It essentially gives you a rank based on your skill level, and then pits you against players of a similar rank, with wins increasing your rank, and losses degrading it

At the start of each season, you'll be given an initial rank based on the first ten matches you play, known as placement matches, which grade your performance. That means if you manage to achieve Champions rank in one season, you will have to do it again in the next. 

Of course, the best way to achieve this highest rank in Rainbow Six Siege, like many other shooters, is through practice. Optimise communication between your teammates, memorise the layouts of each map, practice aiming with an aim trainer, practice with each operator to learn their roles to better the understanding of you and your team, and be sure to utilise the drones to find enemy locations.

That's all for our guide on the R6S ranking system, and now you know all the ranks and how the competitive mode works.

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