Rainbow Six Siege Ram Operator: Gadget, weapons, synergies & counters for Y8S3

Rainbow Six Siege Ram Operator: Gadget, weapons, synergies & counters for Y8S3
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Lloyd Coombes


13th Aug 2023 20:30

If you're looking for a guide to the latest Rainbow Six Siege operator, Ram, we have you covered.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the longest-running live service games around, and Ubisoft does a great job of keeping things fresh with regular updates. The latest of which, Operation Heavy Mettle, will debut soon.

Not only will it update Quick Match and other modes, while adding more Quality of Life improvements, but the new update will also introduce Ram, a new Attacker.

Here's everything you need to know about Ram in Rainbow Six Siege Y8S3 Operation Heavy Mettle, including how to make the most of her.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S3: Who is Ram?

Rainbow Six Siege Operator Logo for Ram
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Ram is a new addition to the Red Hammer squad, and she's a three-health, one-speed Operator from South Korea.

Ubisoft's designers gave her an industrial styling to match her gadget, the BU-GI drone.

Rainbow Six Siege Ram Weapons & Gadgets

Rainbow Six Siege Ram Operator gadget BU-GI Drone
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Fenrir's primary gadget is the BU-GI drone, the largest drone in Siege by some distance. This huge device can move in a straight or curved path, chewing through walls and floors as it goes - potentially opening up new sightlines.

The drone can even knock down gadgets like deployable shields.

Ram's loadout in Rainbow Six Siege is as follows:

  • Primary weapon: R4C or LMG-E
  • Secondary weapon: ITA 12S shotgun or MK1 9mm
  • Generic gadgets: Hard Breach Charge, Stun Grenade

Rainbow Six Siege Ram Synergies

The BU-GI drone is ideal for sending forth and opening up sightlines for all Attackers, especially when rolling along a floor to open up opportunities to shoot downward.

We'll update this as fresh strategies emerge, but for the time being it feels ideal for knocking over deployable shields in tight chokepoints when there's not enough time to rotate.

Rainbow Six Siege Ram Counters

When it comes to counters, the likes of Solis can detect the BU-GI, while Mute can jam it during initial setup - after which it counts as a mechanical device.

The BU-GI makes plenty of noise, though, offering plenty of opportunity to hear it. Since Ram herself isn't the stealthiest character, your best bet can be using an Operator like Caveira or Vigil to get behind her.

Rainbow Six Siege Ram Tips

As we've mentioned already, the BU-GI drone lets Ram open up all kinds of new avenues without putting herself in danger.

It can be used to probe a bombsite or distract enemies, and the option to deploy it at an angle makes it a great tool for throwing enemies off of your location.

That's all we know about Ram in Operation Heavy Mettle of Rainbow Six Siege. For more, check out our Year 8 roadmap guide and our developer interview about the next ten years of Siege.

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